Mass Shootings, Underage Sex Islands, and the Risk to Our Society

It’s no mystery to me why Santino Legan, the 19-year-old who killed three people at the Gilroy Garlic festival screamed out, “I’m really angry” as he opened fire on the crowd. It’s also no mystery why Jeffrey Epstein owned an island where he had sex with countless underage girls. And these two events, which at the surface, seem unrelated, are at their core, caused by the same thing. Human females can procreate, at maximum, once every 9 to 10 months and can do so from menarche until menopause. Human males, on the other hand, can reproduce from about the time they hit puberty, until they die and can do so once every 15 or 20 minutes.

This difference is reproductive capability necessitates a difference in reproductive strategy. Sperm is cheap and eggs are expensive. Due to this, the human female needs to be sexually selective, whereas the human male can afford to impregnate as many females as he has access to. The human female has adapted to this sexual dimorphism by employing a hypergamous mating strategy. Her best chance for reproductive success is to secure a male with access to power and resources that can be expended on her children. This is in addition to the markers for quality genetics (attractiveness) that are commonly sought after by both males and females. The human male on the other hand seeks sexual partners with a maximal number of menstral cycles for impregnation. A youthful female can be involved in child-rearing much more energetically than one later in their life cycle. Furthermore, by impregnating a virginal female, the male ensures their offspring need not compete for resources with siblings sired by a rival male.

Defacto Polygamy Among the Rich & Famous

A male with vast access to resources can potentially provide for many hundreds or thousands of offspring, and do so with more abundance than the average beta male. Fast cars, large mansions, private islands, these are all markers that indicate a male has access to substantial wealth that can be used to provide for children, and human females of reproductive age take notice. “Why settle for a chump with the bent up sedan when I could take a shot at that hunk with the sports car?” The human female asks herself, and she does so at the prime of the sexual value, with the majority of her reproductive years ahead. The alpha male thus finds himself beset by numerous fawning females that seek access to his vast power and resources. The human female indeed puts on an all-out effort to attract one of the rare alpha males into her grips. Instagram, Facebook, and all forms of social media are beladen with pictures of young fertile females in suggestive poses – anything for a shot. The beta male looks at the sexual signaling put out by the female, and correctly infers that this female is seeking to mate. The beta sends the female a message in hopes of mating, but it goes unread. He thinks to himself “must just be her”, and tries another... and another... and another. It slowly dawns on him. It’s not that they aren’t sexually signaling; rather, they just aren’t sexually signaling for him. Defeated, the male retreats back to his cave to plot. He must find a way to get access to the numerous females that are constantly signaling their availability. Numerous hours, days, months are spent searching, but after a while, the cold hard facts of reality set in on him. Only a small minority of men get to be at the top of the hierarchy. For the vast majority of men, they will never reach these heights.

For many, they may be able to persist under the illusion that one day, if they work hard enough, they’ll have access to the females they so desired when they were younger. This endeavor might take them into middle age before they finally give up, with all their youthful energy spent, and accept their lot in life. But then, there are those who were not so lucky. Perhaps a genetic deformity from birth. Perhaps they have below average intellectual capabilities. Perhaps they were just born into an unlucky situation with parents more interested in fighting with each other than rearing their child. For those unlucky few, the future is bleak. They’ll never have access to the females they so desire. No matter what – he concludes. He correctly surmises his situation in life, and the anger begins to set in. He realizes that society itself is out to use him. He gets to work his whole life, while the females spend their most fertile years chasing after a select few men. If he works hard, plays by society’s rules, he may get the reject of alpha in a few years’ time, but he’ll always know in the back of his head, that he wasn’t her first choice.

The darkness settles in as the wrestles with the cold reality of life. “The game is rigged against me,” he exclaims – and rightfully so. It is. He rages against his lot in life. “No way in hell am I going to be a pawn for someone else’s game!” he says red-faced. “If I can’t win no one else can!” he says and picks up a gun. He has his justice, at least as he sees fit in one fleeting blaze of hatred and glory. He finally shows them who’s the boss. He dies knowing that in the end, he won a victory, however small, against the society that had wronged him.

The next day, the alpha male glances at the news article with passing interest. A fertile young female gives him alluring glances from across the table. “That one will be fun for today,” he says to himself, signals her over and begins to tell her about his private island.

This unhappy situation has not always been with us. The societal norm of monogamy and marriage had prevented these sorts of excesses from ever becoming mainstream. The alpha and beta reached a happy equilibrium. “You don’t take all our females, and we don’t riot,” the betas told the alpha and the concept of marriage was born. One male to one female, and there was enough to go around. This forgotten part of our pre-history was told symbolically in the Epic of Gilgamesh: Enkidu seduced by the Child of Pleasure, was subsequently domesticated, and stopped ravaging the countryside. Without riots, society was able to grow and prosper. Men became more docile. Anarchy gave way to extended tribes, then farming communities. Writing was born, then mercantilism, then science, and then the modern world. Then, slowly over the last century, we woke up from our happy slumber. We had grown smart over the eons, and began to question things at the bedrock of our society. No easy answers were found as to why the chains that bound us were in place. We began to do away with our chains carelessly, not knowing that they not only enslaved us, but also tamed us. And now, poor young men shoot up garlic festivals while rich old men rape underage girls on sex islands.

Addendum I had originally intended to end this article here, but over the weekend, two mass shootings took place by two young men, one in Texas and the other in Ohio; one by a radical leftist, and one by a radical right-winger. The only thing the two shooters had in common were that they were both disenfranchised young men. It’s almost as if this were a sign from the Almighty that there is something deeply wrong with how our young men are being treated.

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