Culture Wars: Volume 38 Issue 9


Culture Wars: Volume 38 Issue 9


Paganism Rising

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In a time when Western culture has ran horribly off the rails, the institutions that once held our societies together, having been discredited and attacked for decades, are no longer being turned to as a moralizing, guiding light unto the world.

Instead, Islam, White Nationalism, and Paganism are on the rise, along with a wave of violence that is having a dangerous and de-stabilizing effect to our already turbulent societies. This issue of Culture Wars Magazine seeks to understand the inner logic of these cultural signifiers, by looking at the battle between Neo-Paganism and Catholicism in Ireland, the history of Swedish Cinema and the life of Ingmar Bergman viewed through the lens of the new horror movie “Midsommar,” the case of Jeffry Epstein, the rise of SJW-ism in Hollywood and much more.

Articles in this edition:

Culture of Death Watch

Armageddon in the Auld Sod: The Conflict Between Neo-Paganism & Conservative Catholicism in Modern Ireland

by Geraldine Comiskey

Mass Shootings, Underage Sex Islands, and the Risk to Our Society

by Anonymous


The Inner Logic of Neo-Paganism in Sweden Why All Porno Films Get Remade as Horror Movies

by E. Michael Jones


Morals and Social Justice Constructs in the Marvel Cinematic Universe

Captain Marvel and Avengers: Endgame - Reviewed by John Tuttle

Straubhaar and the Fuzzy-Wuzzies

J.R.R. Tolkien Encyclopedia by Blaise Thompson