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For years past I have continually been conscious of some power behind the malefactor, some deep organizing power which forever stands in the way of the law, and throws its shield over the wrong-doer. Again and again in cases of the most varying sorts . . . I have felt the presence of this force, and I have deduced its action in many of those undiscovered crimes in which I have not been personally consulted. For years I have endeavoured to break through the veil which shrouded it, and at last the time came when I seized my thread and followed it, until it led me, after a thousand cunning windings, to [X]. 

He is the Napoleon of crime, Watson. He is the organizer of half that is evil and of nearly all that is undetected. . . . He sits motionless, like a spider in the center of its web, but that web has a thousand radiations, and he knows well every quiver of each of them. He does little himself. He only plans. But his agents are numerous and splendidly organized. (Arthur Conan Doyle, “The Final Problem”) 

“My Lady Arwen, why are you not dancing? Lord Aragorn, you must allow me to introduce this young woman as a most desirable partner! You cannot refuse to dance, I am sure, with so much beauty before you.” (Rings and Prejudice, with apologies to Jane Austen) 


Why are women all over Tolkien studies? You might as well wonder why classical music is piped into malls and subway stations. Albert Speer, Hitler’s industrialist, was asked how anyone could be ignorant of Nazi crime. He replied, memorably, that it was possible to “knowingly not look”. The German desire not to look enabled Nazism and the horrors of WW II. I pose a question most will want to dismiss precisely because they fear where it leads. “Peace of mind is essential” said the head-in-sand ostrich as the jackals closed in. Rod Dreher refers to “bomb-throwers”, by which he means people who bring up the fact that Muslims throw bombs, and that Soros and his tribe are facilitating this cultural enrichment. “They have treated my people’s brokenness superficially, claiming, ‘Peace, peace,’ when there is no peace.” 

Confusion in Tolkien studies mirrors confusion in the culture. Professors first hated him, but when he proved immensely popular they decided to coopt in order to confuse and corrupt. “Homosexuality in Tolkien” (yes, you read that right) thus becomes a subject fit for this encyclopedia.  That article concludes:

Regardless of Tolkien’s own attitude toward sex and alternative sexualities, his readers will continue to locate their own fantasies (libidinous and otherwise) within the heart of Middle-earth.  As Ty Rosenthal remarks, “Tolkien imagined worlds and epics with sex confined to a respectable margin.  But the modern world cannot.  The libidinal force that Tolkien acknowledged, and tries to negate, is swept in by the reader in the present.”

These people gaze into the palantir-Galadriel’s mirror and see themselves. They have reserved Tolkien to themselves, and he is now an internal discussion among bien pensant scholars. Well, if it is permissible to “read in’ to Tolkien perhaps one may be excused for supplying another couple of articles.

Saurondipity, or Who is the Jew in The Lord of the Rings? The first candidate would be the Army of the Dead. Subjects who refused the call when summoned, they have become an exercitus mortuorum, cursed shadows living in a cave awaiting the Return of the King. So one dives into the Encyclopedia and consults the index for “Jews”. Two hits: “dwarves and”, and “race laws for”. Under “Anti-Semitism”:   “dwarves and”. There is also an article on “Philo-Semitism”. Hmm.  Permission to treat as hostile. 

Poland is once more the chief hope of Christendom, as on 9/11 1683 when the sword of Sobieski delivered Vienna from the Eastern hordes. A scientific frontier is one that considers not only topographical, logistical, tactical, and strategic factors but also geopolitical and socioeconomic considerations. The enemies of Poland are not now engaged on the physical partition of Poland, but on the philosophical partition of the idea of Poland. They are talking scepticism about where one nation begins and another leaves off. It is counted a sort of madness to say that black is white; but it is considered nowadays natural to say that black is grey -- and still more to say that white is grey. 

The assiduously cultivated message for the public is that Jews are always the victims, never the aggressors. Jews represent only 0.2% of the world’s population but have nonetheless invaded large tracts of the world’s mind. A Jewish historiography of victimization “Leidensgeschichte” has focused disproportionately on anti-Semitism as a sentiment among Gentiles and as a force that has shaped the destiny of Jews. Lindemann suggests that the historical master narrative that places anti-Semitism at the center has been constructed as an “ideology of revenge” against the Gentile majority. Such a view of history also serves the more practical purpose of “preventing suffering in the future, largely by exposing the sinful or corrupt nature of Gentile society and its responsibility for Jewish suffering”. “Almost never,” Lindemann continues, is the study of anti- Semitism seen as a “means by which Jews could become aware of their own sins”. 


Christian resistance to psychological manipulation as mental illness. Moderns have been sheltering behind the walls of the Church for so long that they have forgotten there are orcs on the other side.  Sodomites deny their morbidity, so they project with homophobia (or clericalism) and Bake the Cake. BLM denies black moral delinquency, so they project with white supremacy. Muslims deny Muslim pathology, so they strike first with Islamophobia and CAIR. And Jews deny Jewish corrosion, so they gaslight with anti-Semitism and ADL.  Zersetzung tactics work – just ask the Stasi. And now one must factor in how it plays in the Twitter Street. An accumulation of micro-advantages approaches a tipping point. Will the Elves leave Middle- earth? 

Some people simply cannot believe that what suits our ideals can also suit our interests. For example, Steve Oney is the author of a book that suggests Leo Frank is innocent. Steve Oney’s wife is Jewish. While not conclusive, the fact is suggestive. Investigation is affected when methodology, not evidence, conditions the result. Why is it called the Leo Frank Case and not the Mary Phagan Case? To answer this question, one must head into the woods where they are darkest and thickest. In sterquiliniis invenitur. On to Mordor. Tolkien himself thought the dwarves, with their love of gold, resembled Jews, but then again he disliked allegory.  However, an inspired classic like the Lord of the Rings has a vatic quality that the writer need not be cognizant of. Such works are a palimpsest: they have a semiotic structure independent of the author. Chesterton thought criticism should make an author jump out of his boots, so let us place Tolkien’s thoughts on the matter to one side. Besides, Jews don’t love gold for its own sake, but for the power it confers. A Jewish banker funding a Jewish revolutionary: “Voilà, tout l’esprit juif!” 


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