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February 18 Cover
The February issue of Culture Wars features:

Jim Copp on The Illusion of Autonomy

E. Michael Jones on The Real Cause of the Riots in Iran

Robert J. Cavanaugh, Jr. on Grisly Procedures

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Cover ImageJones on Scorsese by E. Michael Jones. The Catholic Church has faced a succession of threats from the outside from proponents of the philosophy of the Enlightenment, a philosophy often referred to as secular humanism or secularism. More disturbingly, the Church is also under threat from forces supposedly inside the body of the Church, and often even more so from those who were within her family but have chosen to leave, the lapsed. The latter, especially when they have a public persona, often constitute a formidable enemy, very often as a result of personal factors that leave them in an ambiguous position. Celebrity status often allows them to hide their main motivation and agenda from their often gullible and naive audiences. A notable example is the film director Martin Scorsese. Jones on Scorsese is an investigation into the Scorsese phenomenon. Dr. Jones shows with example after example the way that Scorsese attacks the figure of Christ both on the general psychological level and on the specifically sexual level, and, going even deeper, what lies behind those attacks. In this short book, Dr. Jones takes up a series of themes of great relevance to the Church and her position in the cultural and political situation today. To read it is to become much better informed about the interplay between Catholic doctrine and ethics; on the nature of opposition to the Church; and the ever pressing need to evangelize in a community that is either hostile or merely indifferent. $9.99 paperback; $4.49 e-book. Read More/Buy

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