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April 17 Cover
The April issue of Culture Wars features:

Garrick Small on Small Is Always Beautiful

E. Michael Jones on Apocalypse Deferred: How the Situation in the Middle East Has Changed

Blake Archer Williams on Confronting Heidegger's Ghost

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Cover ImageShylock's Ewes and Rams: Economics and Morality by E. Michael Jones is now available. Whenever the state accepts the liceity of usurious contracts, everyone eventually gets saddled with unrepayable debt as the state allows the usurers to loot labor to pay for the usury burden. Capitalism posits the primacy of usury over human labor as the source of wealth and, therefore, as the most basic principle of the economy. In reality, capitalism is usury at the expense of labor. To conform with the Good, economics must subordinate itself to the moral law. E-book for Kindle. $9.99 Read More/Buy

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Response to Randy Engel
The Jews and the Muslims versus the SSPX
Foundationless Ethics
Black Legend Debunked
Featured Article From Deep in the Archives:
Stem Cells and Shadow Boxing
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