Practical Wisdom & History with Renaissance Man

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In this podcast, Dr. E. Michael Jones shares some practical wisdom that he has distilled from his study of Church Doctrine and history.

1:15 - Adam Weishaupt and the Weaponization of Sin (Freemasonry/Illuminati)

5:08 - “Liberation” is a Code for Control. Sexual Liberation/Feminism

8:30 - Social Engineering in Ireland: Political Mobilization of Sexual Sins

14:00 - Dating Women

18:40 - Roosh V & Conversion

20:30 - The Relationship Between Church and State

22:40 - Freedom of Speech and Psychological Warfare

27:30 - England, Catholicism and Islam

30:50 - How to Deal With Feminists

34:55 - The Benefits of the Catholic Parish/FBI Infiltration of Dissident Groups

39:00 - How to Achieve Success

42:30 - Divine Providence & Geopolitics

45:25 - Why Does Evil Exist?

47:00 - Karl Marx and the Labor Theory of Value

49:15 - Speaking Truth to Power

50:56 - Parish Life and Evangelization

53:51 - E. Michael Jones on the Cult of Personality

55:42 - On Private Revelations

This podcast is an advance release of the video that will be released on Renaissance Man’s channel this coming Saturday. Be sure to check him out and subscribe to his channel.