Pete Buttigieg's Naked Resume

Pastor Mario Sims joins Dr. E. Michael Jones and Peter Helland to continue studying South Bend Mayor Pete Buttigieg, his suitability for the presidency, and those who are trying to launch him as the first gay president.

Language, Race, Reason, Economics and More: The Avalon Podcast

E. Michael Jones, editor of Culture Wars magazine, interviewed on the Avalon Podcast. Topics include ethnicity, logos, nature, language, race, reason, economics, Catholics, Jews, and much more. The introductory music is The Neocon Song, written and performed by E. Michael Jones.

Viganò and the Homosexual Network

Dr. E. Michael Jones, the editor of Culture Wars magazine, on Archbishop Carlo Maria Viganò’s revelation that Pope Francis covered for then Cardinal Theodore McCarrick's homosexuality, and the implications flowing therefrom.

Psychological Warfare and the Pennsylvania Priest Scandal

Dr. E. Michael Jones, editor of Culture War magazine, explains how the latest priest scandal arising out of Pennsylvania continues the psychological warfare waged against the American people and especially the Catholic Church. He delves deeply into what this warfare is as well as how and why it is waged.