False Flag Weekly News - Bolton Fired on Eve of 9/11 Anniversary

Kevin Barrett joins special guest Dr. E. Michael Jones to discuss several news stories from the past week, including the departure of Donald Trump's National Security Advisor: Warhawk Neo-Con John Bolton.

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1) Celebrate Bolton’s departure & support FFWN 

2) 9/11 Anniversary Events — Watch the Ones You Missed

9/11 Anniversary

3) Most Americans Who See Collapse of Building 7 Doubt Official Story, Survey Finds

4) Explosives used on 9/11 say commissioners 

5) Neocon New Republic: 9/11 Brought Orwellian Dystopia, Maybe We Shouldn’t Have Blown Up the WTC 

6) Never Forget: Israeli Operatives Masterminded and Committed 9/11 

7) Son of Neocon Human Sacrifice Ritual Victim Chants Myth, Chastises Heretics—Offering Undying Support to His Mother’s Killers 

8) RT Founder Lesin Was Murdered for Allowing 9/11 Truth—Now They Spew Zionist “Blame and Genocide the Muslims” Propaganda

9) Iran’s Zarif Accuses Neocon “B Team” of 9/11 Complicity 

Trump Wars

10) Trump Fires John Bolton on Eve of 9/11 Anniversary (Nixing Big Anti-Iran False Flag?)

11) ‘The Kissinger model’: Trump set to expand Pompeo’s powers to fill Bolton’s shoes, say reports

12) Republicans and Democrats denounce Trump’s shock Taliban talks revelation (War Party Upset?)

13) Trump’s New Mideast Envoy: Kushner’s Just-Out-Of-Law-School Jewish Friend 

14) Why Doesn’t the Media Seem to Care That Trump Could Be Purposely Manipulating the Stock Market? 

Epstein Lives!

15) New Epstein Victim Implicates Trump—Is Makow Right to Find This Credible? 

16) College Dropout Director of M.I.T.’s Media Lab Resigns After Taking Money From Jeffrey Epstein

17) Background on Ito & Alleged MIT Labs Child Porn Ring that May Have Killed Aaron Swartz 

18) How the CIA, Mossad and “the Epstein Network” are Exploiting Mass Shootings to Create an Orwellian Nightmare

Israel & US Presidents

19) Israel accused of planting spying devices near White House

20) Islamophobe Robert Spencer (JihadWatch) Attacks Kevin on Kennedy Assassinations 

21) Did Israel Kill the Kennedys? -Laurent Guyénot 

Saudi ZioPuppets Prop Up Rothschild Petrodollar & Mideast Crime Base

22) The real reason for the Middle East Wars – take their oil off the market:] OPEC cuts 2020 oil demand forecast, urges effort to avert new glut – Reuters

23) Background: The Oil Card by James Norman  

24) Saudis Following Israeli Orders to Persecute Palestinians 

World in Conflict

25) Iranian MPs Propose Formation of Club of Sanctioned Countries 

26) Indian Military Ready to Launch Invasion & Nuclear War with Pakistan 

27) Drag Queen Story Hour Protested in Chula Vista

Ethnos and Logos

Dr. E. Michael Jones, editor of Culture Wars magazine, speaking at the Congeso Internacional Identitario in Mexico on Ethnos and Logos. Dr. Jones discusses this further in his book Ethnos Needs Logos: Why I Spent Three Days in Guadalajara Trying to Persuade David Duke to Become a Catholic.

Ethnos needs Logos, especially if it aspires, as every ethnic group does, to become a nation. Logos, not race, allowed the warring tribes of Europe who plundered the last structures of the Roman Empire to coalesce into the nations that constituted Christian Europe. The necessary preparation for German unity was spiritual, and it took a millennium. In Mexico, unity happened by miracle overnight. Juan Diego's tilma, with its depiction of the Virgin Mary, is the symbol of Mexico, the basis for a Mexican culture that has survived the predations of the richer and more powerful neighbor to the north. Our Lady of Guadalupe appeared as a mestiza, a mixture of European and Native American races. She was the cosmic symbol of the race mixing the English feared since the moment they set foot on the soil of the New World. She was the symbol of Mexican identity. She was the symbol of Catholic race-mixing and the antithesis of England's and later America's and still later Germany's ideology of racial superiority.

Indeed, when it comes to what the KKK would call "race mixing," Mexico is the rule and not the exception. Even the "racially pure" Germans who attended the Nuremberg rallies were a mixture of the Grauthungi and the Suevi and all of the other now forgotten ethnic groups that overran the Roman Empire and disappeared into each other through intermarriage. For the German nation to come into existence, each of those ethnic groups had to undergo what Hegel would have called "Aufhebung," a dialectical process which simultaneously exalted and maintained their identity. In order to remain the same, you have to change.