South Bend Shootings, Sodomy and Mayor Pete

South Bend, Indiana has been rocked by a spate shootings over the past few weeks: one at the hands of a white cop who shot a black man, the other, a gunman who opened fire near a bar killing one, and injuring 10.

It seems as though a "spirit of violence" has been unleashed, and this evening Dr. E. Michael Jones, Pastor Graylin Watson and Peter Helland sit down to discuss the climate in the town of South Bend, the spirit of the people, and whether or not Mayor Pete Buttegieg's depraved sexual behavior and mockery of the sacrament of marriage could be part of the reason this "spirit of violence" has been unleashed...

But Their Eyes Were Blinded

Dr. E. Michael Jones, the editor of Culture Wars magazine, discusses problem of the acceptance and embrace of homosexuality in American culture. The discussion was triggered by the recent incident in Seattle where a pro-life group went into a coffee shop after passing out some leaflets on the public sidewalks. The owner of the cafe, a homosexual, ordered them out because he discovered what they had been passing out and he disagreed with the message. This was caught on a 2 minute video that went viral. Recently in Walkerton, near South Bend, IN an owner of a Christian owned Pizza place was sued for saying he would not cater a gay wedding. Mike points out the hypocrisy and danger of the LGBT movement, and reads from his book Degenerate Moderns: Modernity as Rationalized Sexual Misbehavior.