America First with Nick Fuentes

Dr. E. Michael Jones and Nick Fuentes discuss various topics on the America First Podcast.

1:46 Why Are Young People Waking Up?

4:34 What is Logos?

9:33 Thoughts on Church and State.

14:58 The Plight of the Modern City - A Case Study of Chicago.

21:46 Ethnicity and the Triple Melting Pot

28:00 On Women & Politics

36:24 War With Iran

39:16 Syria

44:00 Culture Wars Magazine

47:40 Was Martin Luther a Tool of Jewish Subversion?

51:23 "Without the Catholic Church, Europe Would be Like Africa"

52:40 Space Exploration/Colonization

54:32 Malcom X vs. MLK

57:00 Ethnic and Religious Division in Right-Wing Politics

1:00:00 Recommended Career Paths For Young Men

1:01:47 Lavender Mafia & The Vatican

Monuments Coming Down and Going Up

Dr. Robert Smith, Dr. E.Michael Jones, Pastor Mario Sims, and Peter Helland discuss the significance of monuments. The original idea for the show came from the erecting of the the Dr. Martin Luther King/Fr. Theodore Hesburgh monument in downtown South Bend, Indiana this summer. Some people in the community were upset about it, and thus the need for this discussion. The importance of the discussion was amplified by the recent conflict in Charlottesville, Virginia, over the proposed tear down of the Robert E. Lee monument. Dr. Jones argues that monuments represent hegemony, and in America it could be called ideological hegemony. The tearing down of Confederate monuments and the eventual building of new ones is the political collapse of one set of ideas being replaced by another set. Dr. Smith addresses the causes of the Civil War and Robert E. Lee's attitude toward Confederate monuments. Pastor Sims says that the power structure that put up the King/Hesburgh monument continues to marginalize the Black community despite the flattering rhetoric. All agree that the corporate media perverts the truth.