Sex, Drugs, and Rock & Roll... Meet LOGOS

In an era of cultural decay, where sexual liberation is being used as a form of political control, people are beginning to wonder if Drugs are being used in the same way as sexual misbehavior. \n\nE. Scorpio and E. Michael Jones discuss the eternal Logos, political control, and how direct contact with Logos can free you from the chains of addiction.

Logos, The Trinity, Luther and Hegel

Dr. E Michael Jones and Classical Theist discuss, among some other topics, the role of St. Thomas Aquinas in the history of Logos, Martin Luther's hatred of Logos in the name of God, the tragedy of Hegel's acceptance of the enslaved will, and the 200 years of strife it inflicted upon Western Civilization.

South Bend Shootings, Sodomy and Mayor Pete

South Bend, Indiana has been rocked by a spate shootings over the past few weeks: one at the hands of a white cop who shot a black man, the other, a gunman who opened fire near a bar killing one, and injuring 10.

It seems as though a "spirit of violence" has been unleashed, and this evening Dr. E. Michael Jones, Pastor Graylin Watson and Peter Helland sit down to discuss the climate in the town of South Bend, the spirit of the people, and whether or not Mayor Pete Buttegieg's depraved sexual behavior and mockery of the sacrament of marriage could be part of the reason this "spirit of violence" has been unleashed...

Order Will Be Restored!

Vincent James of The Red Elephants sits down with Dr. E. Michael Jones to Discuss the Order of the Universe, our disordered society, and the coming order that will be restored.

Logos, Ethnicity and Catholicism

Kirk Meighoo and Dr. E. Michael Jones sat down for a conversation about Logos, Ethnicity and the Catholic Church.

"Have we misunderstood the past completely? Is that why we appear to be in so much trouble in the present, and future? We are living in a turbulent period of time when so many once seemingly solid ideas, values and institutions are being questioned and often rejected. Especially liberalism, the dominance of the individual over the group, and the supreme importance given to the satisfaction of each individual's material and worldly desires. Challenges are coming from the right, the left, from left-field, from the past, from other cultures, from other world-views. Even the way we think of the past is changing dramatically.

All this questioning is to profoundly re-shape the direction in which our world is heading. We are living in especially pivotal times that will determine the course of the future. One of the most challenging, wide-ranging, truly radical and controversial thinkers in this movement and moment is E Michael Jones, a magazine editor, lecturer, and writer, and has been a leading social critic for over two decades. He has written over a dozen books, including "Degenerate Moderns, Monsters From the Id," and "The Slaughter of Cities".

E. Michael Jones is an unusual, independent thinker, firmly in the Catholic tradition, in intellectual rebellion against seemingly the entirety of the modern world. His interests and knowledge are incredibly wide-ranging, from history, to economics, to global politics, to theology, to sociology. He is extremely challenging, fearless, bold, committed, and controversial.”

America First with Nick Fuentes

Dr. E. Michael Jones and Nick Fuentes discuss various topics on the America First Podcast.

1:46 Why Are Young People Waking Up?

4:34 What is Logos?

9:33 Thoughts on Church and State.

14:58 The Plight of the Modern City - A Case Study of Chicago.

21:46 Ethnicity and the Triple Melting Pot

28:00 On Women & Politics

36:24 War With Iran

39:16 Syria

44:00 Culture Wars Magazine

47:40 Was Martin Luther a Tool of Jewish Subversion?

51:23 "Without the Catholic Church, Europe Would be Like Africa"

52:40 Space Exploration/Colonization

54:32 Malcom X vs. MLK

57:00 Ethnic and Religious Division in Right-Wing Politics

1:00:00 Recommended Career Paths For Young Men

1:01:47 Lavender Mafia & The Vatican

Sexual Liberation, Political Control & Freedom of Speech

Dr. E. Michael Jones joins Ayam Sirias on his "MGTOW Chats Podcast" to discuss topics ranging from the Urban Renewal projects of the 50's and 60's, how ethnic Catholic neighborhoods were broken up strategically, how the sexual revolution has caused wide spread moral corruption, and much more.

The Gas Station

E. Michael Jones, editor of Culture Wars magazine, interviewed on The Gas Station. The topics included in this wide ranging discussion include changing demographics in the Catholic Church, rebellion against Logos, migration, social engineering, pornography, economics, libertarianism, segregation, ethnicity, nationalism, automation, cultural identity, racism, and more.