"The Divine Plan" Movie Review and CIA Catholicism

Dr. E. Michael Jones returns to review the film "The Divine Plan" (2019), which celebrates the alliance between President Reagan and Pope John Paul II during the Cold War, and to give his thoughts on "You might be a CIA Catholic if..."

0:00 Dr. Jones's thoughts on the film

3:29 Who violated the treaty that Reagan and Gorbachev sign at the end of the film?

13:00 Dr. Jones on the point of the film

14:35 What was left out about the fall of the Soviet Union

20:15 The OTHER alliance and "missed opportunities"

27:25 The year of 1979

30:50 George Weigel and capitalism

38:50 The price the Pope had to pay

41:00 You might be a CIA Catholic if...

56:32 Random questions for EMJ

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How to Thrive in a Culture Full of SIN

So how do you remain Catholic in a world that has distractions and temptations at every turn? Tonight we talk with Dr. E. Michael Jones about how we can live in a hyper-sexualized culture and keep our faith.

Original podcast from Catholic Late Night - Recorded 10/1/19

The Battle for the Soul of Ireland

Dr. E. Michael Jones and Irish Activist Rowan Croft discuss the battle for the soul of Ireland, degenerate moderns, and much more.

Dr. Jones speech on Degenerate Moderns. https://bit.ly/2lKqNVT

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PewDiePie Meets The Mafia

On September 10th, the largest individual YouTuber, PewDiePie, released a video where he stated that he would be donating $50,000 to the Anti-Defamation League. Following 24 hours of backlash on the internet from his fans and cultural commentators like Dr. E. Michael Jones, PewDiePie retracted his offer to donate to this criminal organization.

In this video, Dr. Jones breaks down how this happened, what this organization REALLY does, provides historical context. Whether PewDiePie intended this or not, he has brought the crimes of this organization to the attention of his 100+ million YouTube Subscribers and Red-Pilled them on the truth about this anti-American hate organization.

Psychological Warfare: E. Michael Jones on YouTube Censorship

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The essence of Psychological Warfare is the attempt to prevent un-authorized communication between subject peoples, according to Christopher Simpson.

It is evident, that Google, YouTube, Facebook and the ADL are all engaging in Psychological Warfare, under the auspices of "fighting Hate-Speech". This campaign is not preventing "hate," but in reality fostering hate. Hatred of Europeans, their descendants, and the Faith that made Western Civilization what it is today: Catholicism.

For 40 years, we have been fighting to spread awareness of the social engineering programs implemented by the enemies of the Catholic Church that have decimated our cultures, our civilization and our Church. Despite the oligarchs failed attempt to keep the lid on this operation, a consciousness of this state of affairs has risen up due to communication facilitated by the internet. But, as we have seen with the recent spate of banned accounts on YouTube, the oligarchs are trying to prevent us from communicating with each other.

The good news?

This attempt will fail, and here is why: Culture Wars Magazine was not built on the Internet. It was built before computers and technology overran our society, and no matter who tries to ban us or de-platform us, we will always be able to produce and deliver physical copies of our magazine directly to you. It is more important now than it ever was to subscribe to Culture Wars, to keep us networked together, to keep us in communication, and to preserve a sense of unity among those of us who are aware of the attempt by those in control to pervert our morals and our Faith.

Before social media existed, our "Letters to the Editor" section served as a form of social media that is not subject to deletion, bogus "hate-speech" regulations, or digital censorship. As the walls of the Internet continue to close in, this physical form of communication will become one of the most valuable assets we have.

Controlling the Narrative: Power And Privilege

Jewish Privilege
By E. Michael Jones

Dr. E. Michael Jones returns to Our Interesting Times to discuss his article and best selling e-book about Privilege.

Sixty years ago, Jewish activists like Leo Pfeffer claimed with a straight face that Jews favored free speech, and, indeed, they did then: they were in the forefront of undermining anti-obscenity and anti-abortion laws. Once the moral code was destroyed, social anarchy followed. A new code was imposed. Previously known as political correctness, it is now known by its opposite, namely, hate speech. Jewish Privilege today finds its primary expression in terms like “hate speech” and “anti-Semitism,” which have become weapons wielded to destroy people. The term “hate speech” is a creation of the Anti-Defamation League. Like the analogous term “anti-Semitism,” hate speech is any utterance Jews at organizations like the ADL find offensive.

The Cause of the West's Collapse - Hearth and Fire Podcast

Dr. E. Michael Jones joins Hearth and Fire to explain the root of Western societies collapse, and how the oligarchs gained and maintain control. Also included is the use of usury and pornography, it's role in free speech and censorship. Also described is a practical strategy of restoring tradition.

The Truth About Medjugorje

"Medjugorje," said the priest, "is the devil's plan for the pious.”

It wasn't surprising to hear a priest talk about Medjugorje this way. But it was surprising to hear a Franciscan talk this way, especially at Medjugorje itself. It just shows how things have changed over the years. This man had been there for over ten years and in that period of time had gone from believing that Medjugorje was a visitation of the Mother of God to where he now believed that it was a demonic hoax, and I was listening to the story of his spiritual odyssey.

"The whole point of this," he said gesturing toward St. James Church in one direction and all of the buildings, drug centers, souvenir shops,\"orphanages" in the other, "is to take a human oracle and promote it to the status of something divine, and then to excommunicate everyone who doesn't believe it. This is another Jesus"

In early 1997 Network 5 began an investigation that culminated in Visions on Demand, the first TV documentary that deals honestly with the financial and spiritual manipulation behind what promises to be one of the greatest spiritual hoaxes of the 20th century. Network 5 later joined forces with E. Michael Jones, an American journalist who has investigated Medjugorje for the last 10 years. What they came up with is the definitive explanation of how Medjugorje got started and the damage it has caused, based on footage which has never been seen before. The uproar has already started in England and now it's on its way over here.

Before one more family gets destroyed; before one more widow gets bilked; before someone else gets killed...

Ireland: The New Gay Disco

The Irish Patriot and Dr. Jones discuss the debt and moral crisis in Ireland and how to fix it, as well as various other topics including the potato famine, the banking system, sexual liberation, abortion, gay marriage, the false apparitions in Medjugorge, and a whole lot more.

Power And Privilege - Strike and Mike Deconstruct Jewish Privilege With E. Michael Jones

Strike and Mike welcomed Dr. E. Michael Jones to the show for a discussion of his latest book on power and privilege. Jones' book "Jewish Privilege" is now a Best-Seller on Amazon Kindle and Paperback editions. Pick up your copy before it gets banned:

In the interview, they discuss:

  • What is "Hate Speech"

  • How the censorship system operates

  • Privilege is the privilege to control the terms of discourse

  • Privilege in media, finance, politics and social life

  • The real gay agenda

  • Fighting back with collective power

Usury, Sodomy and Ireland

Ireland is on the brink of financial crisis because of its overwhelming debt due to the national embrace of usury, and since 2015 when the country voted in favor of sodomy, it has been suffering from a moral crisis as well. This was manifested plainly earlier this year, when the country voted in favor of allowing women to kill their children with legalized abortion.

Logos, The Trinity, Luther and Hegel

Dr. E Michael Jones and Classical Theist discuss, among some other topics, the role of St. Thomas Aquinas in the history of Logos, Martin Luther's hatred of Logos in the name of God, the tragedy of Hegel's acceptance of the enslaved will, and the 200 years of strife it inflicted upon Western Civilization.