Logos, Ethnicity and Catholicism

Kirk Meighoo and Dr. E. Michael Jones sat down for a conversation about Logos, Ethnicity and the Catholic Church.

"Have we misunderstood the past completely? Is that why we appear to be in so much trouble in the present, and future? We are living in a turbulent period of time when so many once seemingly solid ideas, values and institutions are being questioned and often rejected. Especially liberalism, the dominance of the individual over the group, and the supreme importance given to the satisfaction of each individual's material and worldly desires. Challenges are coming from the right, the left, from left-field, from the past, from other cultures, from other world-views. Even the way we think of the past is changing dramatically.

All this questioning is to profoundly re-shape the direction in which our world is heading. We are living in especially pivotal times that will determine the course of the future. One of the most challenging, wide-ranging, truly radical and controversial thinkers in this movement and moment is E Michael Jones, a magazine editor, lecturer, and writer, and has been a leading social critic for over two decades. He has written over a dozen books, including "Degenerate Moderns, Monsters From the Id," and "The Slaughter of Cities".

E. Michael Jones is an unusual, independent thinker, firmly in the Catholic tradition, in intellectual rebellion against seemingly the entirety of the modern world. His interests and knowledge are incredibly wide-ranging, from history, to economics, to global politics, to theology, to sociology. He is extremely challenging, fearless, bold, committed, and controversial.”

Philosophy and Religious Belief (Part 2)

Part 2 of Philosophy and Religious Belief with Zero Schizo. Part 1 is available here.

Originally Titled: State of the Americas On Subverting a Religion

1:38 . 2:41 Archeofuturism and Christianity

2:47 - 4:41 E. Michael Jones talks about Alexander Dugin

4:51- 7:09 Logos and Transcendence

7:11 - 11:33 On Dugin, The Logos of Ariel and Dialogue of Civilizations

13:36 - 13:43 Chineese Proverb

From Zero Schizo’s YouTube Channel

Donald Trump and the Russian Mafia

Using insights he got while reviewing the book House of Trump, House of Putin by Craig Unger (see November 2018 issue of Culture Wars magazine), E. Michael Jones, editor of Culture Wars, recently gave a talk in Bavaria, Germany. In this video he discusses that review and that talk.

Interview with Brizer on the The Graham Hart Show

Dr. E Michael Jones, editor of Culture Wars magazine, interviewed on The Graham Hart Show with Brizer on Revolution Radio. He discusses Logos, Europe and Christianity, Nationalism, homosexuality, Hollywood, Jews, anti-Semitism, Ireland, Jez Turner, and much more.