The Threat to Free Speech

After a recent hit piece by the Anti Defamation League, a Jewish hate group, several YouTube channels are threatened with bans and deletion. Dr. Jones and Peter Helland discuss this very real threat to freedom of speech and freedom of religion in America.

The Cause of the West's Collapse - Hearth and Fire Podcast

Dr. E. Michael Jones joins Hearth and Fire to explain the root of Western societies collapse, and how the oligarchs gained and maintain control. Also included is the use of usury and pornography, it's role in free speech and censorship. Also described is a practical strategy of restoring tradition.

Le Logos Français et son Perpétuel Retour (English Audio/Transcription Française)

Le Dr. E Michael Jones est un géant intellectuel originaire des USA, professeur d'université émérite, conférencier inlassable et écrivain prolifique.

Fervent Catholique, il s'oppose au délabrement moral de la société contemporaine et l'exprime à travers ses livres, les conférences auxquelles il participe et les interviews qu'il accorde pour des médias indépendants comme celui-ci, ou des médias plus connus comme PressTV, la chaîne publique iranienne.

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Ireland: The New Gay Disco

The Irish Patriot and Dr. Jones discuss the debt and moral crisis in Ireland and how to fix it, as well as various other topics including the potato famine, the banking system, sexual liberation, abortion, gay marriage, the false apparitions in Medjugorge, and a whole lot more.

Power And Privilege - Strike and Mike Deconstruct Jewish Privilege With E. Michael Jones

Strike and Mike welcomed Dr. E. Michael Jones to the show for a discussion of his latest book on power and privilege. Jones' book "Jewish Privilege" is now a Best-Seller on Amazon Kindle and Paperback editions. Pick up your copy before it gets banned:

In the interview, they discuss:

  • What is "Hate Speech"

  • How the censorship system operates

  • Privilege is the privilege to control the terms of discourse

  • Privilege in media, finance, politics and social life

  • The real gay agenda

  • Fighting back with collective power

Jewish Privilege, Jeffrey Epstein & Homosexual Jesuits

E Michael Jones + Daniel Long on Jewish Privilege, Jeffrey Epstein, Homosexualist Clergy in the Catholic Church and more, including Geocentrism, the Philippines, Sola Scriptura, Fr. James Martin, Michael Voris, and African clothing.

Usury, Sodomy and Ireland

Ireland is on the brink of financial crisis because of its overwhelming debt due to the national embrace of usury, and since 2015 when the country voted in favor of sodomy, it has been suffering from a moral crisis as well. This was manifested plainly earlier this year, when the country voted in favor of allowing women to kill their children with legalized abortion.

Sex, Drugs, and Rock & Roll... Meet LOGOS

In an era of cultural decay, where sexual liberation is being used as a form of political control, people are beginning to wonder if Drugs are being used in the same way as sexual misbehavior. \n\nE. Scorpio and E. Michael Jones discuss the eternal Logos, political control, and how direct contact with Logos can free you from the chains of addiction.

Logos, The Trinity, Luther and Hegel

Dr. E Michael Jones and Classical Theist discuss, among some other topics, the role of St. Thomas Aquinas in the history of Logos, Martin Luther's hatred of Logos in the name of God, the tragedy of Hegel's acceptance of the enslaved will, and the 200 years of strife it inflicted upon Western Civilization.

#LogosRising with Dr. E Michael Jones and KnowMoreNews

We've heard of "White Privilege", but nobody is talking about another kind of Privilege, enjoyed by a small Tribe within the American/Global Population. We're dealing with this in the July/August issue of Culture Wars Magazine.

Other topics include, the rising tensions in Iran, Neo-Conservative Interventionism, the bogus idea of "Judeo-Christian Values" and much more...