The Truth About Medjugorje

"Medjugorje," said the priest, "is the devil's plan for the pious.”

It wasn't surprising to hear a priest talk about Medjugorje this way. But it was surprising to hear a Franciscan talk this way, especially at Medjugorje itself. It just shows how things have changed over the years. This man had been there for over ten years and in that period of time had gone from believing that Medjugorje was a visitation of the Mother of God to where he now believed that it was a demonic hoax, and I was listening to the story of his spiritual odyssey.

"The whole point of this," he said gesturing toward St. James Church in one direction and all of the buildings, drug centers, souvenir shops,\"orphanages" in the other, "is to take a human oracle and promote it to the status of something divine, and then to excommunicate everyone who doesn't believe it. This is another Jesus"

In early 1997 Network 5 began an investigation that culminated in Visions on Demand, the first TV documentary that deals honestly with the financial and spiritual manipulation behind what promises to be one of the greatest spiritual hoaxes of the 20th century. Network 5 later joined forces with E. Michael Jones, an American journalist who has investigated Medjugorje for the last 10 years. What they came up with is the definitive explanation of how Medjugorje got started and the damage it has caused, based on footage which has never been seen before. The uproar has already started in England and now it's on its way over here.

Before one more family gets destroyed; before one more widow gets bilked; before someone else gets killed...

Ethnos and Logos

Dr. E. Michael Jones, editor of Culture Wars magazine, speaking at the Congeso Internacional Identitario in Mexico on Ethnos and Logos. Dr. Jones discusses this further in his book Ethnos Needs Logos: Why I Spent Three Days in Guadalajara Trying to Persuade David Duke to Become a Catholic.

Ethnos needs Logos, especially if it aspires, as every ethnic group does, to become a nation. Logos, not race, allowed the warring tribes of Europe who plundered the last structures of the Roman Empire to coalesce into the nations that constituted Christian Europe. The necessary preparation for German unity was spiritual, and it took a millennium. In Mexico, unity happened by miracle overnight. Juan Diego's tilma, with its depiction of the Virgin Mary, is the symbol of Mexico, the basis for a Mexican culture that has survived the predations of the richer and more powerful neighbor to the north. Our Lady of Guadalupe appeared as a mestiza, a mixture of European and Native American races. She was the cosmic symbol of the race mixing the English feared since the moment they set foot on the soil of the New World. She was the symbol of Mexican identity. She was the symbol of Catholic race-mixing and the antithesis of England's and later America's and still later Germany's ideology of racial superiority.

Indeed, when it comes to what the KKK would call "race mixing," Mexico is the rule and not the exception. Even the "racially pure" Germans who attended the Nuremberg rallies were a mixture of the Grauthungi and the Suevi and all of the other now forgotten ethnic groups that overran the Roman Empire and disappeared into each other through intermarriage. For the German nation to come into existence, each of those ethnic groups had to undergo what Hegel would have called "Aufhebung," a dialectical process which simultaneously exalted and maintained their identity. In order to remain the same, you have to change.

The Mississippi Flows Into The Tiber

Fidelity Press author John Beaumont discusses his book The Mississippi Flows into the Tiber: A Guide to Notable American Converts to the Catholic Church.\n\nJohn Beaumont is a lawyer by training and was formerly head of the School of Law at Leeds Metropolitan University, England. He has written several books on the law of evidence and is also the author of Roads to Rome: A Guide to Notable Converts from Britain and Ireland from the Reformation to the Present Day (2010).

The main issue facing the Church is conversion. Is baptism necessary for salvation? Is it necessary for everyone? Is it necessary for the Jews? John Beaumont's compendium of American Catholic converts, The Mississippi Flows into the Tiber: A Guide to Notable American Converts to the Catholic Church, presents an exhaustive list of conversion stories which show that nothing has changed in God's eyes. The same call that Elizabeth Ann Seton answered over two hundred years ago is still answered in our day by people who know that there is only one effective response to the question, "What must I do to be saved?"

Sexuelle Revolution dient dem Kapitalismus

E. Michael Jones gehört zu den kontroversesten und auch interessantesten politischen Publizisten der USA. Aus fundamental-konservativer, katholischer Sicht geht er mit verschiedensten Entwicklungen der Modern, von Kapitalismus bis Gender Mainstreaming, hart ins Gericht und zeigt wenig bekannte Zusammenhänge. In Berlin sprach er kürzlich über „Amerikanische Unabhängigkeit und neue Unfreiheit. Die Sexualisierung der Gesellschaft als Machthebel der globalen Oligarchen.“

Doktor Jones hielt diesen Vortrag im Berlin am 4.7.2016

'Libido Dominandi Liberación sexual y control político', por E Micheal Jones TLV1

TLV1 presenta al historiador, escritor, publicista, conferenciante católico, y director de la editorial "Fidelity Press", Dr. E. Michael Jones, junto al Licenciado en Ciencias Políticas de la UCA, Luis Álvarez Primo, en el Colegio San Pablo de Buenos Aires, en una conferencia extraordinaria:

"Libido Dominandi: Liberación sexual y control político", una manera de comprender cómo, cuándo, dónde y por qué han comenzado, desde las más altas esferas del poder político y económico, esta tarea de demolición de nuestra cultural occidental cristiana. Descubra quiénes son los responsables de nuestra decadencia actual y qué intereses se esconden detrás de nuestra degradación moral.

Colegio San Pablo. 29/03/2017

Libido Dominandi en el Colegio Ezpeleta

E. Michael Jones discute Libido Dominandi, el pacto de Michel Foucalt con el diablo, y la estrategia de los oligarcas para el control político en el Colegio Ezpeleta en Bella Vista, Argentina el 20 de marzo de 2017.

The Ideal Citizen

President Clinton once told homosexual supporters he thought promotion of their lifestyle should be made mandatory in public schools. He and vice-president Gore praised Hollywood for promoting homosexuality. Why? There aren't enough homosexual citizens to affect the voting balance. This is an attempt to turn the homosexual into the ideal citizen and a role model for us and our children. Do you know why we are all supposed to act like homosexuals even if we aren't? This talk is crucial to those who want to understand the political meaning of homosexuality and how it is being used against the overwhelming majority of this country's citizens.

How Contraceptives Cause Drive By Shootings

E. Michael Jones explains how the sexual revolution, conceived by foundations, taken over by the federal government, ratified by the courts, and implemented in the name of "freedom," destroyed our cities. Freedom of this sort, to paraphrase a song, is just another word for political control. This talk puts the connection between morals and politics into an easy to follow irrefutable argument.

Logos VS. Anti-Logos

E. Michael Jones, editor of Culture Wars magazine, at the London Forum speaking on Logos vs Anti-Logos: The Pivot of Human History. (July 2016)

The talk begins with an analysis of Brexit and then explain how England's troubles began with the Reformation, and ends by citing a passage from Civilta Cattolica's three part series on the Jewish Question: Any country which turns away from the Catholic Church and the laws it created to protect the Christian population will be ruled by Jews. Brexit is a reaction against the European version of oligarchic rule. Trump is the American reaction.

Libido Dominandi: Conference in Warsaw, Poland

The war against the moral revolution in the USA has been lost. Poland is now the battlefield. Poland can save the world again, as did King Jan Sobieski in Vienna in 1683, emphasized E. Michael Jones, editor of Culture Wars magazine, and author of the book Libido Dominandi. This talk was delivered in Warsaw, Poland in October 2013.

The Abuse Crisis in the Catholic Church in Ireland

E. Michael Jones, editor of Culture Wars magazine, examines the causes of and the truth behind the abuse crisis in the Catholic Church in Ireland and elsewhere in this talk given in Dublin, Ireland in June 2010.