America First with Nick Fuentes

Dr. E. Michael Jones and Nick Fuentes discuss various topics on the America First Podcast.

1:46 Why Are Young People Waking Up?

4:34 What is Logos?

9:33 Thoughts on Church and State.

14:58 The Plight of the Modern City - A Case Study of Chicago.

21:46 Ethnicity and the Triple Melting Pot

28:00 On Women & Politics

36:24 War With Iran

39:16 Syria

44:00 Culture Wars Magazine

47:40 Was Martin Luther a Tool of Jewish Subversion?

51:23 "Without the Catholic Church, Europe Would be Like Africa"

52:40 Space Exploration/Colonization

54:32 Malcom X vs. MLK

57:00 Ethnic and Religious Division in Right-Wing Politics

1:00:00 Recommended Career Paths For Young Men

1:01:47 Lavender Mafia & The Vatican