Watching MTV - Digitally Re-Released!

Culture Wars and Fidelity Press are happy to announce the digital re-relase of Dr. E. Michael Jones’ music CD: “Watching MTV”. Featuring songs such as “The Neo-Con Song”, “Watching MTV”, “Tell George Bush” and “Fighting Hate”, we are sure that Dr. Jones’ music will bring a smile to your face.

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Watching MTV: Neoethnic Songs and Dances.

$15.00 - Digital Download

When your Irish Catholic father married your Polish, Lithuanian, Italian, or German Catholic mother, he probably had met her at a parish function. The American Catholic ethnic was pan-European before it was cool to be pan-European. He was Irish and Lithuanian; he was Polish and Italian; he ate spaghetti and sang When Irish Eyes Are Smiling. But a generation abandoned its musical ethnicity: Hollywood colonized music as ruthlessly as McDonald's colonized roadside food. When was the last time you heard lyrics that weren't vetted by cultural bolshevists? Mike Jones announces initiation of a countertrend: a CD that reconnects to ethnic identity in music. "Volk" music! The melodies of the volk with Jones' lyrics: ethnic melodies used as a vehicle for what we want to say, just as our ancestors did. Includes the unforgettable songs Tell George Bush We Won't Fight in His War and Watching MTV.

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