The White Guy Unmasked

Because this is an informative e-mail rather than an article, I will skip  conjecture and just get right to the point of what the online alt-right is, who its thinkers are, and what its rhetoric is supported by. Hopefully, this will assist you in future discussions on “white guy” shows. Everything I say here is not a matter of hearsay, is not dependent on my deeper insight into these folks, and can be verified easily with google searches.

The alt-right is supported by two pillars. The first pillar is rhetoric, the other pillar is genetic theorization. There was once a third pillar, being those responsible for organization protests and  “marches,” but the events at Charlottesville destroyed that pillar, with no hope of revival.

Regarding rhetoric, this is key to understanding the revival of white guy ideology, and is far more important than genetic theorization, which works more or less as support glue. In the alt-right’s eyes, the major weakness of “white guy” groups in the past (such as the American Nazi  Party, or The National Alliance) is that they took themselves too seriously. The rise of internet alt-right is largely due to 1)  internet memes, and 2)  nihilistic comedy. While they aren’t as relevant now, is key to the rise of these memes and this nihilistic sense of humor. Therightstuff is run by someone who goes by the name of Mike Enoch, who is also the main host of the website’s largest podcast, titled The Daily Shoah. The Daily Shoah is likely the most listened to alt-right podcast, although perhaps not anymore. This podcast created the internet meme of putting brackets around Jewish names (like (((Goldberg))) ),  which is probably the most well-known meme from them. Although the podcast has influence, the podcast is simply a rinse and repeat of a couple guys getting drunk, telling racial jokes relative to the current political climate, and pushing an ideology of nihilistic white egoism underneath the supposed “comedy,” which functions as a hook to draw in listeners.

This is open information, easily verified, but Mike Enoch was married to a Jewish woman during years of doing The Daily Shoah. Once his (and consequentially her) identity was revealed, she divorced him. I don’t say this because it’s supposed to be a smear, but because it’s interesting to the alt-right psychology, which I will elaborate on further. Mike and most people involved with The Daily Shoah are also atheists.

Probably the most well-known utilizer of racist shock-humor to draw in readers and listeners is Andrew Anglin of The Daily Stormer, where headlines like “New York: Homeless Coloreds and White Cop Partake in Festive Subway Melee” are an everyday thing. You see this dark humor all the time, such as you recently being on a show called “the gas station,” an obvious mockery of gas chamber murders.

On the self-important intellectual characters of the alt-right, probably the most significant is Greg Johnson (Phd) of Counter Currents tries to be an intellectual rhetorical front for white egoism, talking about any number of important writers and philosophers and relating it to white egoism and euro-centrism in some way or another. Again, I don’t say this as a smear, and it is simply to understand alt-right psychology, but many writers (including Greg) are open homosexuals, and advocate paganism as an alternative to Christianity.


The Radical Agenda 

A man named Christopher Cantwell is also relevant to understanding the rise of the alt-right on the internet. He ran, and still runs, a podcast called The Radical Agenda. This show has a similar flow to The Daily Shoah, but is much more directly engaged in radicalizing rhetoric. Cantwell is also a staunch atheist. What’s interesting to understand is that Cantwell was originally doing the show to push an ideology of Market-Anarchism, or Anarcho-Capitalism (i.e., extreme libertarianism). What’s more interesting, this was the case with The Daily Shoah. Originally Mike Enoch and others involved were extreme libertarians. This pipeline from American libertarianism to white egoism, which no longer cares about anti-authoritarianism, is absolutely essential to understanding the alt-right.

In a nutshell, the bridge from libertarianism to alt-right goes like this: 1) discovering the vast majority of libertarians are white guys; 2)  concluding therefore that it is in the best interest of self-identifying libertarians to be in favor of border control to keep out non-whites who statistically are not in favor of smaller government/gun rights/cultural liberalism; 3) therefore, realizing libertarianism advocating for no borders is obviously self defeating.

This isn’t exactly a new idea, as such ideas were embraced even by free-market advocates in the past, such as the Jewish writer Murray Rothbard. However, this is where genetic theorization comes along to take things a step further. While genetic theories supported by the work of Charles Murray (The Bell-Curve) and Phillip Rushton (Race, Evolution & Behavior) are go-to for the alt-right, those actually feeding bold racial-deterministic theories to the internet alt-right are two particular figures. The first, and least significant of the two, is a student named Sean Last. The second, who has much greater online presence, is someone who goes by the name of "Ryan Faulk." Faulk describes himself as both “autistic” and “homosexual.” While neither Sean Last nor Faulk have any credentials of their own, they work on a website and youtube channel both titled “The Alternative Hypothesis,” where they either go after low hanging, egalitarian-leaning fruit in the realm of academia, or make bold claims with their studies of choice, such as concluding that IQ number is 80 percent inherited genetically. Faulk bases this view on his personal take of twin-studies. Both Faulk and Last are staunch atheists and very much against Christianity.

Long story short, after enough picking and prodding at studies of choice, and after making extraordinarily bold theories based on these studies, the alt-right eventually transformed from supporting whites because they are most friendly toward libertarianism, into supporting whites because they are whites. The idea now is libertarianism ideology is bunk- not because it’s necessarily wrong, but because it is thought of as universal value rather than “white thinking.” The alt-right claims it wants to live in a “high trust” environment, the kind of environment where you could leave your front door unlocked. Well, this now is due to genetic “white thinking” rather than moral/spiritual values and traditions. Engaging in philosophy itself is a meaningless act, because interest in philosophy is “white thinking.” White people are genetically inclined to have “agency,” where non-whites (especially Africans) have “no agency.” Catholicism was only relevant in Europe because it was aligned with “white thinking.” You desire to live in an environment which isn’t oppressive and authoritarian? “White thinking.” Why is Mexico economically and culturally in rough shape? Because it’s full of Mexicans. Why is Switzerland economically and culturally in good shape? Because it’s full of Swiss people who engage in "white thinking." This is the infantile conception of reality embraced viciously by the alt-right.

What’s also interesting is that the alt-right will even admit its interest in a “high trust” and “white” environment is ultimately a position of subjective amoral posturing, but that’s just fine because they “evolved to desire this environment,” and they want what makes them happy due to purely genetic and ultimately objectively meaningless reasons. Better to be happy than not happy, right? And being happy means being around the right genetics in accordance with one’s own genetics. Sometimes this rhetoric may be taken up by those with a somewhat healthier relationship with morality, though not often.


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