Psychological Warfare: E. Michael Jones on YouTube Censorship

The essence of Psychological Warfare is the attempt to prevent un-authorized communication between subject peoples, according to Christopher Simpson. 

It is evident, that Google, YouTube, Facebook and the ADL are all engaging in Psychological Warfare, under the auspices of "fighting Hate-Speech". This campaign is not preventing "hate," but in reality fostering hate. Hatred of Europeans, their descendants, and the Faith that made Western Civilization what it is today: Catholicism.

For 40 years, we have been fighting to spread awareness of the social engineering programs implemented by the enemies of the Catholic Church that have decimated our cultures, our civilization and our Church. Despite the oligarchs failed attempt to keep the lid on this operation, a consciousness of this state of affairs has risen up due to communication facilitated by the internet. But, as we have seen with the recent spate of banned accounts on YouTube, the oligarchs are trying to prevent us from communicating with each other.

The good news? This attempt will fail, and here is why:

Culture Wars Magazine was not built on the Internet. It was built before computers and technology overran our society, and no matter who tries to ban us or de-platform us, we will always be able to produce and deliver physical copies of our magazine directly to you.

It is more important now than it ever was to subscribe to Culture Wars, to keep us networked together, to keep us in communication, and to preserve a sense of unity among those of us who are aware of the attempt by those in control to pervert our morals and our Faith.

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Before social media existed, our "Letters to the Editor" section served as a form of social media that is not subject to deletion, bogus "hate-speech" regulations, or digital censorship. As the walls of the Internet continue to close in, this physical form of communication will become one of the most valuable assets we have.

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