Owner of a Lonely Heart

How far will the homosexual movement go? Gay marriage, gay adoption, Christians forced to provide services for gay weddings, transgender bathrooms, sex-ed for kids, a panoply of gay characters on TV and in movies, perfectly groomed, impeccably dressed, charming, and reciting all the best lines. Why it’s enough to make your kid wish he were gay!


We reached a pinnacle with America’s “highest-ranking gay,” Richard Grenell, Trump’s ambassador to Germany. What’s next? A gay president? No, stop thinking small. Gay politicians don’t astonish us anymore, little better than a bevy of out-of-the-closet news anchors. Even the prospects of a gay pope won’t do. What the movement really wants is a gay king. And it’s hard at work to that end in your local church.

What does my church have to do with royalty, you ask? I am referring to none other than our King. The King of kings! Yup, that One.

It goes back to the night Jesus was arrested. After Jesus rebuked Peter for cutting off the guard’s ear we read of “a certain young man, having a linen cloth cast about his naked body,” who, when the guards tried to sieze him, “left the linen cloth, and fled from them naked” (Mark 14:51–52). The theory is that our Savior wasn’t praying in the Garden of Gethsemane but was otherwise engaged with this young man. It’s so far beyond belief that most Catholics and Protestants refuse to even discuss it, which is precisely what the leaders of the gay movement want. Silence please Christians! We’ll handle this.

Who’s “we” exactly? Read on.

There’s also reference to Mark’s “secret” gospel, but we won’t quote from it because it’s not accepted by anyone as genuine, except for a handful of gay academics. Speaking of gay academics, your teenage kids can already learn all about “gay Jesus” in college! Take for instance Swarthmore, a private college outside Philadelphia which offers “RELG 032. Queering God: Feminist and Queer Theology,” a class that “seeks to stretch the limits of gendering – and sexing – the divine.”

Ah, but this is a secular college, you say. Which brings us to Dr. Tat-siong Benny Liew who teaches at College of the Holy Cross and who claims Jesus was a “drag king” who had “queer desires,” and goes so far as to claim it’s an open question “whether Jesus is a biological male.”1

But academics are always coming up with crazy theories, even in Christian colleges! Let’s ignore this, avoid drawing attention to the very idea of a gay Jesus, and it will eventually go away. You mean the way transgendered bathrooms went away?

A decade ago, no one of any political or religious stripe, or even sexual “orientation,” dreamed we’d be arguing about letting men who “identify” as women go to the bathroom or enter a changeroom with our daughters. But now, lapsed Catholics like Bruce Springsteen refuse to perform in states that don’t allow, nay endorse and promote! the gay bathroom of the future where everyone gets to relieve themselves behind whichever door they want. Good-bye, family bathrooms.

At this point I’ll make the obligatory remonstrance: I have gay friends, one who paid an un-godly sum (pardon the pun) for reassignment surgery. I’m praying for them all. And yes, I’m also a sinner, so I know I’m in no position to judge them. I’ve also had friends who abused drugs, and since the day I was saved and kicked drugs 23 years ago, I’ve been praying for them as well. And believe me, it’s far better to help a friend avoid drugs than to let him falter and then try to intervene. For this reason, I know I must help my gay friends avoid destructive sexual behavior and surgical mutilation. And the prospect of a gay Jesus won’t help. It’s only going to accelerate the destruction of good people’s lives.

The whole idea was first floated by Hugh William Montefiore at the Conference of Modern Churchmen in 1967 in a paper titled, “Jesus, the Revelation of God” in which he postulated that since Jesus remained celibate in spite of having money and being surrounded by women, he must have been gay, resulting in His “identification with the poor and oppressed.”2 Because, well, just look around you. Only gay people identify with the poor and oppressed, right?


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