Is Adherence to Logos Anti-Semitism? 

Human dignity and the life of the human person in whom it inheres is not primarily an object of politics. Our primary access to the phenomenon of life is self-awareness and the perception of other humans and other living beings. Life is the being of the living. Vivere viventibus est esse, says Aristotle. Being, however, is never an object of politics as it is not an object either of natural science. It is in fact the primum notum of reason and as such secondarily an object of metaphysical reflection. Because life is the being of the living, then life cannot be defined. According to the classical adage ens et unum convertuntur, it holds true for every living organism that it is alive precisely as long as it possesses internal unity. 


Unlike the unity of atom and molecule, the unity of the living organism is constituted by an anti-entropic process of integration. Death is the end of this integration. With death, the reign of entropy begins— hence, the reign of “destructuring”, of decay. Decomposition can be stopped by means of chemical mummification, but this way of preserving a corpse merely holds its parts together in a purely external, spatial sense. 

We cannot define life and death because we cannot define being and non-being. We can, however, discern life and death by means of physical signs. Because human dignity inheres in a human life and because life is “the being of the living” and “life” cannot therefore be defined, but only discerned; it follows that the dignity of the human person too cannot be defined but only discerned, detected as respected in those actions which are in harmony with the internal unity responsible for the living in each life. 

Anti-Semitism is an attack on human dignity because it is an attack on human life, by holding, as it does, that DNA is the determiner of behavior (biological determinism).  From this premise, it follows that if the behavior is bad, then the DNA is bad, and therefore the human being is bad and, therefore, without dignity. Anti-Semitism, therefore, is the false claim that Jews, as human beings, are not really possessed of personal dignity. If their behavior is a problem, it can only be addressed at the level of the biological. 

Today’s (largely Jewish-owned) media declarations of anti-Semitism fundamentally change this correlation between human dignity and normal interpersonal perception. Scrutinizing the existence of the symptoms of anti-Semitism as perceived by common sense, the major media no longer presuppose the “normal” understanding of anti-Semitism. They in fact invalidate the normal human perception by declaring human beings anti-Semites who are still perceived as just. Something quite similar happened once before in the Soviet Union when Bolshevik leaders condemned to prisons men and women who objected to intolerably ruthless and tyrannical behaviour of Jews by inverting their speaking out  as manifestations of anti-Semitism. These Bolshevik leaders conducted the most horrible show trials on the populace and claimed that expressions of outrage at tyrannical behaviour, obvious to anyone, were merely mechanical, anti-Semitic reactions. 


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