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Bertrand and the Void

What is truth? What is reality? Is the world we perceive with our senses really there, or are we just living in a simulation, running on some sort of cosmic computer?

Dr. E. Michael Jones begins addressing these kinds of questions in the latest edition of Culture Wars Magazine with his article “Bertrand Russell and Ultimate Reality.” 

In his latest article, Dr. Jones dissects a debate between Bertrand Russel and Fr. Frederick Copleston about the nature of existence, delves into the historical development of man’s understanding of “Ultimate Reality”, and exposes the crippling errors of Faith without Reason and Reason without Faith.

Also included in this month’s issue: Gearóid Ó Colmáin’s take on the Amazon Fires, a review of Dame Jacqueline Wilson’s new children’s book by Sean Naughton, Bullets by Gerry Bruen, your letters to the editor and more!

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