Index Volume 4 1985

Book Reviews
A Blessing of Years [Book] by Lawrence Shehan
Reviewed by Robert P. Rooney
February, 1985, pp. 38-39.
The Brotherhood: The Secret World of the
 [Book] by Stephen Knight
Reviewed by Mariano Castaneira
August, 1985, pp. 36-38 
Catholic and Christian [Book] by Alan Schreck
Reviewed by Christopher M. Buckner,
October, 1985. pp. 38- 40 
Christian Families in the Real World [Book] by Mitch and Kathy Finley
Reviewed by Daria Sockey
May, 1985, pp. 35-36 
The Churches the Apostles Left Behind [Book] by Raymond E. Brown
Reviewed by Karl Keating, March, 1985, pp. 36-38.
Co-Creation and Capitalism: John Paul Il's Laborem Exercens [Book] by John W Houck and Oliver F. Williams (editors)
Reviewed by Rupert J. Ederer
April, 1985. pp. 34-37 
Death in the Nurseq [Book] by James Manney and John C. Blattner
Reviewed by James G. Bruen, Jr
January, 1985, p. 31. 
Doonesbury [Comic Strip] by Gary Trudeau
Reviewed by J.M. Purcell.
September, 1985, pp. 17-18. 
Falwell: Before the Millennium [Book] by Dinesh D'Souza
Reviewed by Regis Martin,
December, 1984, pp. 9-10. 
Goddesses in Everywoman: A New Psychology of Women [Book] by Jean Shinods Bolen
Reviewed by W.R Coulson
September, 1985, pp. 36-37. 
The Heart Has Its Own Reasons: Mothering Wisdom in the '80s [Book]
Reviewed by Daria Sockey. July, 1985, p. 32. 
Hidden Victory: A Novel of Jesus [Book] by Herbert Francis Smith
Reviewed by Helvi K. Viita, May, 1985, pp. 36-37.
The Intellectuals Speak Out About God [Book] by Roy Abraham Varghese (editor)
Reviewed by Karl Keating,
September, 1985, pp. 35-36
Notebooks of Jacques Maritain [Book]
Reviewed by Ronda Chervin
April, 1985, pp. 37-38. 
Our Right to Choose: Toward a New Ethic of Abortion [Book] by Beverly Wildung Harrison
Reviewed by Regis Martin,
September, 1985, pp. 38-39. 
The Persistent Prejudice: Anti-Catholicism in America [Book] by Michael Schwartz
Reviewed by Karl Keating,
February, 1985, pp. 35-37. 
Pure Lust Elemental Feminist Philosophy [Book] by Mary Daly
Reviewed by Regis Martin
February, 1985, pp. 3435.
Radical Love: An Approach to Seluai Spirituality [Book] by Dody H. Donndly
Reviewed by Christopher Derrick
August, 1985, pp. 38-39. 
St. Paul's Children's Magazine [Magazine]
Reviewed by Juli Loesch,
September, 1985, pp. 37-38. 
The Spirit and the Bride Say "Come!" [Book] by Gerald J. Farrell and George Kosicki
Reviewed by James G. Bruen, Jr
October, 1985, pp. 37-38. 
Taking It All In [Book] by Pauline Kael
Reviewed by J.M. Purcell, July, 1985 pp. 30-31. 
That Strange Divine Sea: Reflections on Being a Catholic [Book] by Christopher Derrick
Reviewed by Stuart Gudowitz,
February, 1985, pp. 37-38. 
Two Is a Crowd [Motion Picture]
Reviewed by JM. Purcell,
April, 1985, pp. 19, 22.
B.R. Index Volume 5 1986 
Abortion, Politics, Morality and the Constitution: A Critical Study of Roe v. Wade and Doe v. Bolton and a Basis for Challenge [Book] by Stephen M. Krason
Reviewed by James G. Bruen, Jr.,
January 1986, pp. 35-36.
Birth Control and Christian Discipleship [Book] by John F. Kippley
Reviewed by James G. Bruen, Jr.,
June 1986, p.47
The Christian Meaning of Human Sexuality [Book] by Paul M. Quay, SJ.
Reviewed by William E. May,
March 1986, pp. 42-43.
The Church's Problem with Bible Scholars [Book] by Msgr. George A. Kelly
Reviewed by Effie Quay
March 1986, pp. 43-44.
Easy Essays [Book] by Peter Maurin
Reviewed by J.M. Purcell
November 1986, pp. 45-47.
Fleeing the Whore of Babylon: A Modern Conversion Story [Book] by Jamcs J. Thompson
Reviewed by Kevin G. Long, 
September 1986, pp. 46 47.
The Founding of Christendom (A History of Christendom, Volume 1) [Book] by Warren H. Carroll
Reviewed by Stuart Gudowitz,
December 1985, pp.45-46.
Frank & Maisie: A Memoir with Parents [Book] by Wilfred Sheed
Reviewed by J.M. Purcell
August 1986, pp. 46-47.
Grace of Monaco: An Interpretive Biography [Book] by Steven Englund
Reviewed by Alexendra Wihelmson,
May 1986, pp. 41-43.
How I Met God [Book] by Hellmut Laun
Reviewed by Alice von Hildebrand,
June 1986, pp. 44-45.
Jesus Our Life [Book] by Dada M. Sockey
Reviewed by Anne W. Carroll
May 1986, pp. 43-44.
John Paul II and the Battle for Vatican II: Report from the Synod [Book} by Richard Cowden-Guido
Reviewed by David Wagner,
September 1986, pp. 44-46.
Lucifer: The Devil in the Middle Ages [Book] by Jeffrey Burton Russell
Reviewed by Edward O'Brien
December 1985, p. 45.
Margaret Sanger: Father of Modern Society [Book] by Elasah Drogin
Reviewed by Kevin Long,
July 1986, pp. 46-47.
The Miracle [Book] by Irving Wallace
Reviewed by Cathedne Barr,
January 1986, p. 37.
Poems, 1950-1974 [Book] by Dunstan Thompson
Reviewed by R.V. Young
August 1986, pp. 43-44.
Robert Frost: Contours of Belief [Book] by Dorothy Judd Hall
Reviewed by Charles M. Campbell,
June 1986, pp. 45-46.
A Short History of the Catholic Church [Book] by J. Derek Holmes and Bernard Bickers
Reviewed by Robert P. Rooney
Junc 1986, pp. 46-47.
Synod Extraordinary [Book]by Peter Hebblethwaite
Reviewed by David Wagner,
September 1986, pp. 44-46.
Under the Mercy [Book] by Sheldon Vanauken
Reviewed by Catherine Barr
March 1986, pp. 44-45.
The Way Home: Beyond Feminism Back to Reality [Book] by Mary Pride
Reviewed by Leon Burke
April 1986, pp. 37-39.
The Way of My Cross [Book] by Jerzy Popieluszko
Reviewed by Karl Keating
November 1986, pp. 44-45.
Why Hawthorne Was Melancholy: The Prophetic Poet and the Spirit of the Age [Book] by Marion Montgomery
Reviewed by J.M. Purcell
October 1986, pp.46-47.
Women Priests & Other Fantasies [Book] by Rev. Vincent P. Miceli, SJ.
Reviewed by Paul H. Hallet
April 1986, p. 35.
Year of Crisis: Collected Essays, 1970-1983 [Book] by James Hitchcock
Reviewed by Regis Martin,
December 1986, pp. 43-44.
B.R. Index Volume 6 1987 
The AIDS Cover-up? [book] by Gene Antonio
Reviewed by T. Aquinas O'Connor, M.D. and Charles W. Norris, M.D.
October 1987, pp. 46-48.
Chance or Reality and Other Essays [book] by Stanley L. Jaki Reviewed by Christopher Derrick,
June 1987, pp. 47-48.
The Desolate City: Revolution in the Catholic Church [Book] by Anne Roche Muggeridge Reviewed by Donna Steichen,
February 1987, pp. 43-45.
Dorothy Day and the Catholic Worker [book] by Nancy L. Roberts 
Reviewed by Juli Loesch,
May 1987, pp. 47-48.
Fifty Questions on Abortion, Euthanasia, and Related Issues [Book]by Charles Rice 
Reviewed by Karl Keating,
July-August 1987, p. 46.
The Founding of Christendom and The Building of Christendom [Books] by Warren Carroll 
Reviewed by Sheldon Vanauken,
September 1987, pp. 45-47.
Homosexuality and Hope [Book] by Gerard Van Den Aardweg
Reviewed by Leo Alex McCandlish,
February 1987, pp. 45-47.
Humanae Vitae e Infallibilita: il Concilio, Paolo VI e Giovanni Paolo II [Book]by Ermenegildo Lio, O.F.M. 
Reviewed by Brian W. Harrison
November 1987, pp. 43-48.
The Jesuits: The Society of Jesus and the Betrayal of the Roman Catholic Church [book] by Malachi Martin 
Reviewed by E. Michael Jones,
March 1987, pp. 45-46.
Princess Michael of Kent [[Book] by Peter Lane 
Reviewed by Alexandra Wilhelmsen,
December 1986, pp. 45-46
Religious Education and the Future: Essays in Honour of Patrick Wallace [book], ed. Dermot A. Lane 
Reviewed by David Doyle,
June 1987, pp. 42-46.
Renewal: A Novel [book] by Russell Shaw 
Reviewed by E. Michael Jones,
April 1987, pp. 47-48.
The Secret History of the Jesuits [book] 
by Edmond Paris Reviewed by Kevin G. Long,
March 1987, pp. 47-48.
The Secret Teachings of Jesus: Four Gnostic Gospels [Book], trans. Marvin W. Meyer 
Reviewed by Karl Keating,
January 1987, pp. 45-46.
To Be a Revolutionary: An Autobiography [book] by James Guadalupe Carney 
Reviewed by Stuart Gudowitz,
September 1987, pp. 47-48.
Too Many People? A Problem in Values [book] by Christopher Derrick 
Reviewed by Regis Martin,
January 1987, pp. 44-45.
Women and the World [book] by Sandra M. Schneiders, I.H.M.
Reviewed by Alice von Hildebrand,
July-August 1987, pp. 47-48.
B.R. Index Volume 7 1988 
Aborted Women - Silent No More by David C. Reardon
Reviewed by John Hinshaw, 
July/August 1988, pp. 44-45. 
Beyond Abortion: A Chronicle in Fetal Experimentation by Suzanne M. Rini 
Reviewed by Paul J. Reynolds, 
July/August 1988, pp. 46-48. 
The Birth Dearth by Ben J. Wattenburg
Reviewed by Rupert J. Ederer
The Catholic Church in World Politics by Eric O. Hanson
Reviewed by David Rooney, 
March1988, pp. 43-44. 
The Catholic Movement: The Paradox of the Church in the Postmodern World 
by Richard John Neuhaus 
Reviewed by DavidRooney, June 1988, pp. 44-46. 
The Closing of the American Mind: How Higher Education Has Failed Democracy and Impoverished the Souls of Today's Students by Allan Bloom 
Reviewed by R. V. Young, January 1988, pp. 44-47. 
The Consolation of the Roman Catholic Church In Ireland by Emmet Larkin 
Reviewed by David Rooney, November 1988, pp. 44-45. 
The Cure d'Ars Today by George William Rutler 
Reviewed by Rev. Joseph F. Wilson,
October 1988, pp. 45-46. 
Eglise Oecumenisme et Politique by Joseph Cardinal Ratzinger
Reviewed by Thomas Molnar, 
June 1988, pp. 46-48. 
Faith and Culture: A Multicultural Catechetical Resource by The Department of Education of the United States Catholic Conference 
Reviewed by Monsignor Michael J. Wrenn, 
February 1988, pp. 45-46. 
The Feast of Faith: Approaches to a Theology of the Liturgy translated by Graham Harrison 
Reviewed by Rev. Joseph F. Wilson,
December 1988, pp. 46-47. 
G. K. Chesterton: Collected Works
Reviewed by Suzanne M. Rini, 
March1988, pp. 46-48. 
The Incarnation in a Divided World by Donald DeMarco Reviewed byJerrilyn Szelle, 
November1988, pp. 46-47. 
The Italians and the Holocaust by Susan Zucotti 
Reviewed by Rev. Edward Krause,
November 1988, pp. 47-48. 
Jewish Identity by Elias Friedman
Reviewed by Stuart Gudowitz, 
February 1988, p.48. 
Keeping the Faith: American Catholicism Past and Present by Philip Gleason 
Reviewed by David Rooney, 
December1988, pp. 47-48. 
La face cachee de Medjugorje by Ivo Sivric, O.F.M. 
Reviewed by Suzanne M . Rini, 
September 1988, pp. 42-46. 
Mary for Today by Hans Urs von Balthasar 
Reviewed by Robert I. Bradley, S.J.,
September 1988, pp. 47-48. 
Mother of the Redeemer, Mother of the Redeemed by Oliver Treanor 
Reviewed by Robert I. Bradley, S.J.,
September 1988, pp. 47-48. 
Mustard Seeds: A Conservative Becomes a Catholic by L. Brent Bozell 
Reviewed by Stuart Gudowitz, 
February 1988, pp. 47-48.
The New Catholics by Dan O'Neill
Reviewed by Stuart Gudowitz, 
February 1988, pp. 47-48.
People, Priests, and Prelates: Ecclesiastical Democracy and the Tension of Trusteeism by Patrick W. Carey 
Reviewed by David Rooney, 
October 1988, pp. 46-48.
Philip II by William Thomas Walsh
Reviewed by Marlene Maloney, 
April 1988, p. 48.
Right from the Beginning by Pat Buchanan
Reviewed by Michael Schwartz, 
November 1988, pp. 42-44.
Rome or the Bush: The Choice for Australian Catholics by Michael Gilchrist 
Reviewed by Babette Francis, 
January 1988, pp. 47-48.
Tranquilitatis Ordinis by George Weigel
Reviewed by David Rooney, 
May 1988, pp. 46-47.
Weimar and the Vatican by Stewart Stehlin 
Reviewed by David Rooney, 
March 1988, p.45.
B.R. Index Volume 8 1989 
". . . And You Are Christ's" The Charism of Virginity and the Celibate Life by Thomas Dubay, S.M. 
Reviewed by Fr. Ignacio Barriero
April, 1989. pp. 46-48.
A Pro-Life Manifesto by Thomas G. Klasen. 
Reviewed by John Hinshaw,
March, 1989. p. 48.
A Rocking Horse Catholic by Caryll Houselander. 
Reviewed by Jerrilyn Szelle,
April, 1989. p. 48.
Abortion and Divorce in Western Law by Mary Ann Glendon.
Reviewed by Donald DeMarco,
March, 1989, pp. 46-47.
Behind the Lodge Door by Paul A. Fisher
Reviewed by Patrick Graham,
January, 1989. pp. 45-46.
C. S. Lewis: A Critical Essay by Peter Kreeft. 
Reviewed by Scott Goodwln,
February, 1989. pp. 47-48. 
Catholic Household Blessings and Prayers by the Bishop's Committee on the Liturgy/NCCB. 
Reviewed by Rev. Joseph F.Wilson, 
June, 1989. pp. 44 -45.
Catholicism and Fundamentalism: The Attack on "Romanism" by "Bible Christians" by Karl Keating. 
Reviewed by Michael Schwartz,
May, 1989. p. 48.
Cults, Sects & the New Age by Rev. James J. LeBar. 
Reviewed by Marlene Mahoney
July/August, 1989. pp. 52-54.
Dare We Hope "That All Men be Saved?" with a Short Discourse on Hell by Hans Urs von Balthasar. 
Reviewed by James G. Bruen,Jr., 
September, 1989. pp. 46-48.
John Ireland and the American Catholic Church by Marvin O'Connell. 
Reviewed by David Rooney,
July/August, 1989. pp. 55-56.
Ils L'Ont Decouronne by Archbishop Marcel Lefebvre. 
Reviewedby Rev. Brian W. Harrison, 
October, 1989. pp. 38-44.
Intellectuals by Paul Johnson.
Reviewedby E. Michael Jones,
September, 1989. pp. 43-45.
Keepers of the Keys-John XXIII, Paul Vl and John Paul II, Three Who Changed the Church by Wilton Wynn. 
Reviewed by Father Ignacio Barreiro, 
January, 1989. pp. 46-48.
Keeping the Faith: American Catholicism Past and Present by Philip Gleason. 
Reviewed by David Rooney,
December, 1988. pp. 47-48.
Second Chances: Men, women, and children a decade after divorce by Judith S. Wallerstein and Sandra Blakeslee.
Reviewed by Michael Schwartz,
November, 1989. pp. 46-48. 
Sigmund Freud's Christian Unconscious by Paul C. Vitz.
Reviewed by Suzanne Rini,
April, 1989. pp. 44-46.
The Beginning of the Church by Frederick J. Cwiekowski. S.S.
Reviewed by Rev. Robert I. Bradley, S.J.,
May, 1989. p. 46.
The Church, the South and the Future by James J. Thompson.
Reviewed by David Rooney,
October, 1989. pp. 33-35.
The Feast of Faith: Approaches to a Theology of the Liturgy by Joseph Cardinal Ratzinger
Reviewed by Rev. Joseph F.Wilson. 
December, 1988. pp. 46-47.
The Forgotten Holocaust: Poles Under German Occupation, 1939-1944 by Richard C. Lukas. 
Reviewed by Rev. Edward Krause, Ph.D., November,
1989. pp. 44-45.
The Teaching of Humanae Vitae: A Defense by John C. Ford, S.J., Germain Grisez, Joseph Boyle, John Finnis and William E. May.
Reviewed by Fr. Ignacio Barreiro. 
June, 1989. pp. 44-47.
What Will Happen to God? Feminism and the Reconstruction of Christlan Belief 
by William Oddie. 
Reviewed by Jerrilyn Szelle,
October, 1989. pp. 35-37.
B.R. Index Volume 9 1990 
A Retreat for Lay People by Ronald Knox
Reviewed by David Rooney
January, 1990, P. 44.
American Catholic Biblical Scholarship by Gerald Forgarty, S.J.
Reviewed by David Rooney
September. 1990, Pgs. 45-48.
Archbishop: Inside the Power Structure of the Catholic Church by Thomas Reese, S.J.
Reviewed by Fr. Joseph F. Wilson
June, 1990, Pgs. 46-47.
At God's Pace by Francois Gondrand
Reviewed by David Wagner,
May, 1990. pp. 45-47.
Authority and Freedom in the Church by Msgr. Cormac Burke
Reviewed by Fr. Ignacio Paul Barreiro, 
October, 1990. pp. 44-45.
C.S.Lewis: A Biography by A.N. Wilson
Reviewed by Peter Millward, S.J.,
September, 1990. pp.43-44.
Catholic Cults and Devotions: A Psychological Inquiry by Michael P. Carroll
Reviewed by E. Michael Jones
December, 1989, pp. 41-44.
Catholicism and the Renewal of American Democracy by George Weigel
Reviewed by David Bruckbauer, 
May, 1990, pp. 41-44.
Catholicism and the Renewal of American Democracy by George Weigel
Reviewed by James Sullivan,
December, 1989, pp. 46-47.
Creative Love: The Ethics of Human Reproduction by John Boyle (Editor)
Reviewed by Donald DeMarco,
October, 1990, pp.47.
Enemies of Eros: How the Sexual Revolution is Killing Family Marriage, and Sex and What We Can Do About It by Maggie Gallagher
Reviewed by Priscilla Smith,
April, 1990. pp.44-45.
Eric Gill: A Lover's Ques for Art and God by Fiona McCarthy
Reviewed by E. Michael Jones,
November, 1990. pp. 41-42.
Ethics and the National Economy by Heinrich Pesch
Reviewed by Rodger Charles, S.J., 
November, 1990. pp. 46-47.
Everyday Miracles: Holy Moments in a Mother's Life by Dale Hanson Bourke
Reviewed by James G. Bruen, Jr.,
April, 1990. pp. 43-44.
Fundamentals of the Faith by Peter Kreeft
Reviewed by Donald DeMarco,
January, 1990. p. 43.
Gilbert: The Man Who Was G.K. Chesterton by Michael Coren
Reviewed by David Rooney,
October, 1990. pp. 42-43.
Halfway to Heaven: The Hidden Life of The Sublime Carthusians by Robin Bruce Lockhart
Reviewed by David A. Shaneyfelt, 
January, 1990, pp. 47-48.
Hallowed Be This House by Thomas Howard
Reviewed by Jerrilyn Szelle,
June, 1990, p.48.
I Will Never Forget You- The Rescue Movement in the Life of Joan Andrews by Joan Andrews
Reviewed by James G. Bruen, Jr.,
January, 1990. pp. 40-41.
If You Love Me You Will Do My Will by Stephen G. Michaud and Hugh Aynesworth
Reviewed by E. Michael Jones,
June, 1990. pp. 45-56.
Inside My Father's House by Msgr. George A. Kelly
Reviewed by James Sullivan,
July/August, 1990. pp. 45-47.
Josef Pieper: An Anthology by Josef Pieper
Reviewed by James G. Bruen, Jr.,
February, 1990. p. 46.
Keeping Your Kids Catholic by Bert Ghezzi (Editor)
Reviewed by Donald DeMarco,
November, 1990. p. 48.
Letting God Plan Your Family by Samuel A. Owen, Jr.
Reviewed by James G. Bruen, Jr.,
October, 1990. pg. 41.
Marriage and the Family: Experiencing the Church's Teaching in Married Life by The Pontifical Council for the Family
Reviewed by James G. Bruen, Jr., 
March, 1990. pp. 43-44.
Religious Liberty and Contraception: Did Vatican II Open the Way for a New Sexual Ethic by Brian Harrison
Reviewed by Donald DeMarco, 
January, 1990. p. 42.
Seperation of Church and State: Historical Fact and Current Fiction by Robert L. Chord
Reveiwed by David Rooney,
March, 1990. pp. 44-46.
70 Years of the Communist Revolution by Warren H. Carroll
Reviewed by James G. Bruen, Jr.,
December, 1989. p. 48.
The Catholic Counterculture in America, 1933-1962 by James Terrence Fisher
Reviewed by James Sullivan, 
November, 1990. pp. 43-46.
The Other Side of Christ by Father Robert D. Smith
Reviewed by Fr. Ignacio Barreiro, 
January, 1990. p. 45-46.
The Pagan Temptation by Thomas Molnar
Reviewed by Fr. Ignacio Barreiro,
February, 1990. pp. 39-41.
The Politics of Heresy: The Modernist Crisis in Roman Catholicism by Lester Kurtz
Reviewed by David Rooney,
December, 1989. pp. 45-46.
The Sate and the Non-Public School by Lloyd Jorgenson
Reviewed by David Rooney,
February, 1990. pp. 47-48.
Tomorrow's Catholics, Yesterday's Church: The Two Cultures of American Catholicism by Eugene Kennedy
Reviewed by Rev. Joseph F. Wilson,
February, 1990. pp. 42-44.
Tradition and Transformation in Catholic Cuture by Christopher Kauffman
Reviewed by David Rooney,
March, 1990. pp. 47-48.
Vatican Authority and American Catholic Dissent-The Curran Case and its Consequences ed. William E. May
Reviewed by Donald DeMarco,
July/August, 1990. pp. 47-48.
Without Moral Limits: Woman, Reproduction and the New Medical Technology by Debra Evans
Reviewed by Suzanne Rini,
April, 1990. pp. 46-48.
B.R. Index Volume 10 1991 
Brave New Family: G.K Chesterton on Men and Women, Chlldren, Sex, Divorce, Marriage and the Family Edited by Alvaro de Silva.
Reviewed by Rodger Charles, S.J. 
September, 1991. Pgs. 41-43.
By Love Refined- Letters to a Young Bride by Alice von Hlldebrand.
Reviewed by James G. Bruen,Jr. 
October, 1991. Pg. 48.
Celebrating Italy by Carol Field.
Reviewed by Suzanne M. Rini.
February, 1991. Pgs. 37-41.
Curran vs Catholic UniversityA Study of Authority and Freedom in Conflict by Larry Witham.
Reviewed by James G. Bruen,Jr. 
June, 1991. Pgs. 39-40.
Dante: Layman, Prophet, Mystic by Fr. James J. Collins.
Reviewed by Peter Milward, S.J.
July/August, 1991. Pgs. 47-48.
Darwin on Trial by Phillip E. Johnston.
Reviewed by Mark Smillie.
October, 1991. Pgs. 46-48.
Divini Cultus Studium by Rev. Robert Skeris.
Reviewed by Lawrence Stich.
March, 1991. Pgs. 39-45.
Ignatius Loyola by Phllip Caraman.
Reviewed by Peter Milward, S.J.
May, 1991. Pgs. 47-48.
In Mysterious Ways: The Death and Life of a Parish Priest by Paul Wilkes.
Reviewed by Rev. JosephWilson. 
February, 1991. Pgs. 43-45.
John Henry Newman: A Biography by Ian Ker.
Reviewed by Peter Milward, S.J.
June, 1991. Pgs. 47-48.
Keeping the Church Catholic with John Paul 11 by Msgr. George A. Kelly.
Reviewed by Rodger Charles,
S.J. July/August, 1991. Pgs. 45-47.
Kiney, Sex and Fraud-The Indoctrinatlon of a People by Dr. Judith A. Riesman and Edward W. Eichel.
Reviewed by James G. Bruen, Jr. 
March, 1991. Pgs. 45-46.
Marion Barry: The Politics of Race by Jonathan I. Z. Agronsky.
Reviewed by E. Michael Jones.
September, 1991. Pgs. 39-41.
Married to a Cathollc Priest: A Journey in Faith by Mary Dally.
Reviewed by Rev. Joseph F. Wilson. 
January, 1991. Pgs. 47-48.
Masks of Satan: The Demonlc In History by Christopher Nugent.
Reviewed by Donald DeMarco.
April, 1991. Pgs. 37-38.
Miracles and Physics by Stanley Jaki.
Reviewed by Davld Rooney.
December, 1990. Pgs. 46-47.
On God's Side: A Life of0 George Tyrrell by Nicholas Sagovsky.
Reviewed by David Rooney.
June, 1991. Pgs. 41-46.
Original Sin: Where Doctrine Meets Science by Anthony F. Zimmerman, SVD.
Reviewed by David Rooney.
October 1991. Pgs. 43-46.
Passion of a Believer by Eugene F. Diamond.
Reviewed by Herbert Ratner,M.D. 
April. 1991. Pg. 44.
Reading Between the Lines: A Christian Guide to Literature by Gene Edward Veith, Jr.
Reviewed by R.V. Young.
December, 1990. Pgs. 43
Summa Theologiae: A Concise Translation by Timothy McDermott.
Reviewed by Donald DeMarco.
March, 1991. Pgs. 47-48.
The Brideshead Generation by Humphrey Carpenter.
Reviewed by David Rooney.
April, 1991. Pgs. 38-43.
The Church: Pilgrim of Centuries by Thomas Molnar.
Reviewed by Donald DeMarco.
November, 1991. Pgs. 41-42.
The Dark Romance of Dian Fossey by Harold T. P. Hayes.
Reviewed by David Rooney.
January, 1991. Pgs. 43-46.
The Hidden Manna: A Theology of the Eucharist by Fr. James T. O'Connor.
Reviewedby Robert Bradley, S.J. 
February, 1991. Pgs. 47-48.
The History of Black Catholics in the United States by Cyprian Davis.
Reviewed by David Rooney.
November, 1991. Pgs. 39-41.
The Ragamuffin Gospel by Brennan Manning.
Reviewed by E. Michael Jones.
May, 1991. Pgs. 37-47.
The Reform of Renewal by FS. Benedict J. Groeschel.
Reviewed by Rev. Joseph Wilson. 
February, 1991. Pgs. 42-43.
The Religion of Adam and Eve by Anthony F. Zimmerman, SVD.
Reviewed by David Rooney.
October 1991. Pgs. 43-46.
The Romance of Orthodoxy by Father Homer F. Rogers.
Reviewed by Rev. Joseph Wilson. 
April, 1991. Pgs. 47-48.
The Savior of Science by Stanley Jaki.
Reviewed by David Rooney.
December, 1990. Pgs. 46-47
Three Philosophies of Life by Peter Kreeft.
Reviewed by Jerrilyn Szelle.
February, 1991. Pgs. 45-46
Thy Will Be Done: A Spiritual Portrait of Terence Cardinal Cooke by Fr. Benedict J. Groeschel
Reviewed by Rev. Joseph F. Wilson
April 1992, Pgs. 45-46.
Why Catholics Can't Sing by Thomas Day
Reviewed by Lawrence Stich
March, 1991, Pgs. 39-45.
B.R. INDEX Volume 11 1992 
BOOK REVIEWS--------------------------------------------------------
A Christian's Guide to Mental Wellness by Richard Johnson
Reviewed by Donald DeMarco
May 92, Pgs. 44-45.
A Short Treatise on the Virgin Mary by Fr. Rene Laurentin
Reviewed by James G. Bruen, Jr.
May 92, Pgs. 43-44
Befriending the Earth by Thomas Berry
Reviewed by Milward, Peter, S.J.
Jun 92, Pgs.43-45.
Beyond Modernity: Reflections of a Post Modern Catholic by George William Rutler
Reviewed by Rodger Charles, S.J.
Jun 92, Pg. 48.
Black Robe (a film review, based on Brian Moore's novel)
Reviewed by Thomas Patrick Monaghan
April 92, Pgs. 11-12.
Catechisms and Controversies: Religious Education in the Post-Concillar Years by Michael J. Wrenn
Reviewed by Rev. Robert A. Skeris
Jan 92, Pgs. 42-44.
Christ and Reason: An Introduction to Ideas from Kant to Tyrrell by George W. Rutler
Reviewed by Donald DeMarco
May 92, Pg. 48.
Covenanted Happiness: Love and Commitment in Marriage by Cormac Burke
Reviewed by Rodger Charles, S.J.
Mar 92, Pgs. 47-48.
Day of Atonement by Faye Kellerman
Reviewed by Lorraine Murphy
Dec 91, Pgs 41-42.
Death by Choice, by Dan Maguire
Reviewed by James Moore
Mar 92, Pgs. 24-35.
Flicker (a novel) by Theodore Roszak
Reviewed by John J. Reilly
Jan 92, Pgs. 44-45.
Francis de Sales: Sage and Saint by Andre Ravier, S.J.
Reviewed by Robert I. Bradley, S.J.
Sept 92, Pgs.47-48.
Isabel of Spain: The Catholic Queen by Warrren Carroll
Reviewed by David Rooney
April 92, Pgs. 46-48.
Holy Faces, Secret Places: An Amazing Quest for the Face of Jesus by Ian Wilson
Reviewed by David Rooney
Jan 92,Pgs. 39-42.
Laughter and the Love of Friends: Reminiscences of the Distinguished English Priest and Philosopher Martin Cyril D'Arcy, SJ by William Abell
Reviewed by Peter Milward, S.J.
July 92, Pgs. 46-47.
Liberalism, Conservatism, and Catholicism: An Evaluation of Contemporary American Political Ideologies in the Light of Catholic Social Teaching by Stephen Krason
Reviewed by Rodger Charles, S.J.
May 92, Pgs. 46-47.
Life at Risk. A Chronicle of Euthanasia Trends in America by the National Conference of Catholic Bishops
Reviewed by Susanne M. Rini
Feb 92, Pgs. 46-48.
New York in the 50's by Dan Wakefield
Reviewed by James Sullivan
Nov 92, Pgs. 44-48.
Operation Rescue: A Challenge to the Nation's Conscience by Philip Lawler
Reviewed by Thomas Patrick Monaghan
Sept 92, Pgs. 44-47.
Portofino by Frank Schaeffer
Reviewed by E. Michael Jones
Oct 92, Pgs. 43-46.
Revealing the New Age Jesus: Challenges to Orthodox Views of Christ by Douglas Groothuis
Reviewed by Suzanne M. Rine
June 92, Pgs. 45-47.
Saint Jeanne de Chantal by Andre Ravier, S.J.,
Reviewed by Robert I. Bradley, S.J.
Sept 92, Pgs. 47-48.
St. Peter Canisius by James Brodrick
Reviewed by David Rooney
Jan 92, Pgs. 46-48.
Sex and the Marriage Covenant - A Basis for Morality by John F. Kippley
Reviewed by James G. Bruen, Jr.
July 92, Pgs. 43-46.
"Soft Porn" Plays Hardball- Its Tragic Effects on Women, Children and the Family by Judith A. Reisman, Ph.D.
Reviewed by James G. Bruen, Jr.
Feb. 92, Pgs. 45-46.
Straight Talk by Dr. James C. Dobson
Reviewed by James G. Bruen, Jr.
Mar 92, Pgs. 45-46.
The Christian Family Coping by Marion Michael Walsh
Reviewed by Rupert J. Ederer
Mar 92, Pgs. 46-47.
The Conquest of Paradise by Kirpatrick Sale
Reviewed by David Rooney
April 92, Pgs 39-46.
The Concentration Can: When Does Human Life Begin? An Eminent Geneticist Testifies by Dr. Jerome Lejeune
Reviewed by Donald Demarco, Ph.D.
Nov 92, Pgs. 42-44.
The Dream of the Earth by Thomas Berry
Reviewed by Peter Milard, S.J.
Jun 92, Pgs. 43-45.
The Last Priests in America: Conversations with Remarkable Men by Tim Unsworth
Reviewed by Rev. Joseph Wilson
Oct 92, Pgs. 46-47.
The Letters of Evelyn Waugh and Diana Cooper by Artemis Cooper
Reviewed by James Sullivan
Sept 92, Pgs. 41-44.
The Life of Graham Green, by Norman Sherry
Reviewed by Peter Milward, S.J.
Dec 91, Pgs. 37-40.
The Missing Madonna by Sister Carol Anne O'Marie
Reviewed by Lorraine Murphy
Dec 91, Pgs. 41-42.
The Origin of the Jesuits by James Brodrick
Reviewed by David Rooney,
Jan 92, Pgs. 46-48.
The Progress of the Jesuits by James Brodrick
Reviewed by David Rooney,
Jan 92, Pgs. 46-48.
Thomas Berry and the New Cosmology by Anne Lonergan and Caroline Richards
Reviewed by Peter Milward, S.J.
Jun 92, Pgs. 43-45.
B.R. Index Volume 12 1993 
BOOK REVIEWS--------------------------------------------------------
A Jewish Conservative Looks at Pagan America by Don Feder
Reviewed by E. Michael Jones
May 93, Pgs. 36-38.
Blessed are the Barren: The Social Policy of Planned Parenthood by Robert Marshall and Charles Donovan
Reviewed by Thomas J. Nash
Dec, Pgs. 46-48.
Catholic Social Teaching and Economic Theory: Paradigms in Conflict by Mary Hobgood
Reviewed by Rodger Charles, S.J.
Jan 93, Pgs. 46-48.
Challenging the Civil Rights Establishment: Profiles of a New Black Vanguard by Joseph G. Conti and Brad Stetson
Reviewed by Michael J. Mazza
July 93, Pgs. 45-46.
Degenerate Moderns by E. Michael Jones
Reviewed by James A. Sullivan
April 93, Pgs. 46-48.
Dorothy L. Sayers: Her Life and Soul by Barbara Reynolds
Reviewed by Peter Milward, S.J.
Sept 93, Pgs. 47-48.
Evelyn Waugh: The Later Years 1939-1966 by Martin Stannard 
Reviewed James A. Sullivan
Mar 93, Pgs. 44-46.
Families We Choose: Lesbians/Gays Kinship by Kath Weston
Reviewed by Frank S. Zepezauer
July 93, Pgs. 42-44.
Freudian Fraud: The Malignant Effect of Freud's Theory on American Thought and Culture by E. Fuller Torrey
Reviewed by William Main
April 93, Pgs. 43-46.
Genesis I Through the Ages by Stanley L. Jaki
Reviewed by David Rooney
Sept 93, Pgs. 44-46.
Gerard Manley Hopkins by Robert Bernard Martin
Reviewed by Rev. Peter Milward, S.J.
July 93, Pgs. 39-41.
Giordano Bruno and the Embassy Affair by John Bossy
Reviewed by David Rooney
Oct 93, Pgs. 47-48.
In Conversation with God by Francis Fernandez 
Reviewed by Rev. Joseph F. Wilson
Mar 93, Pgs. 46-48.
Mariette in Ecstasy by Ron Hansen
Reviewed by James A. Sullivan
June 93, Pgs. 47-48.
Our Journey Home: What Parents Are Doing to Preserve Family Values by Gary Bauer
Reviewed by James G. Bruen, Jr.
Mar 93, Pgs. 43-44.
Papal Teaching on Private Property 1891-1981 by Matthew Habinger
Reviewed by Robert Batemarco
June 93, Pgs. 44-46.
Reparative Therapy of Male Homosexuality: A New Clinical Approach by Joseph Nicolsi, Ph.D.
Reviewed by E. Michael Jones
Dec 92, Pgs. 43-44.
Sexuality and Spiritual Growth by Joan H. Timmerman
Reviewed by Sheryl Temaat
Dec 92, Pgs 45-46.
Signposts in a Strange Land by Walker Percy
Reviewed by DeMarco, Donald 
May 93, Pgs. 47-48.
The Angel and the Machine: The Rational Psychology of Nathaniel Hawthorne by E. Michael Jones
Reviewed by Suzanne M. Rini
Feb 93, Pgs. 45-48.
The Apostolic Origins of Priestly Celibacy by Christian Cochini, S.J.
Reviewed by David Rooney
Nov 93, Pgs. 46-48.
The Catholic Vision by Edward D. O'Connor
Reviewed by David Rooney
Feb 93, Pgs. 42-44.
The Gnostic Empire Strikes Back: An Old Heresy for the New Age by Peter Jones
Reviewed by E. Michael Jones
July 93, Pgs. 37-38.
The Reform of the Liturgy by Annibale Bugnini, CM
Reviewed by Rev. Joseph F. Wilson
Jan 93, Pgs. 43-45.
The Second Vatican Council and Religious Liberty by Michael Davies
Reviewed by Rev. Brian W. Harrison, O.S.
May 93, Pgs. 36-47.
Today's Destructive Cults and Movements by Rev. Lawrence J. Gesy
Reviewed by Thomas W. Case
Sept 93, Pgs. 41-43.
Victors of Christ: The Dark Side of the Papacy by Peter DeRosa
Reviewed by Robert I. Bradley, S.J.
Mar 93, Pg. 48.
Where Have You Gone Michelangelo?: The Lose of Soul in Catholic Culture by Thomas Day
Reviewed by James A. Sullivan
Nov 93, Pgs. 43-45.
Why Johnny Can't Tell Right from Wrong: Moral Illiteracy and the Case for Character Education by William Kilpatrick
Reviewed by James G. Bruen, Jr.
July 93, Pgs. 47-48.
B.R. Index Volume 13 & 14 1994 & 95 
BOOK REVIEWS--------------------------------------------------------
Abortion Rites, A Social History of Abortion in America, by Marvin Olasky
Reviewed by Suzanne M. Rini
April 94. Pgs. 39-44
Behind the Mitre: The Moral Leadership Crisis in the Canadian Catholic Church, by Tony Clarke
Reviewed by Anthony G. Basile, Ph.D.
September 95. Pgs. 42-47
Catholic Home Schooling: A Handbook for Parents, by Mary Kay Clark
Reviewed by Mary Oberle Hubley
February 94. Pgs. 46-48
Catholic Intellectuals & Conservative Politics in America, by Patrick Allit
Reviewed by David Rooney
July 94. Pgs. 41-47
Catholic Religious Poets from Southwell to Crashaw: A Critical History, by Anthony Cousins
Reviewed by Peter Jilward, S.J.
May 94. Pgs. 44-46
Children of Men, by J.D. James
Reviewed by George A. Kendall
June 94. Pgs. 12-15
Crossing the Threshold of Hope, by Pope John Paul II,
Reviewed by E. Michael Jones
December 94. Pgs. 41-44
DOA: The Ambush of the Universal Catechism, by Catholicus,
Reviewed by Michael J. Mazza
March 94. Pgs. 43-44
Federico Borromea and the Ambrosiana: Art Patronage and Reform in Seventeenth Century Milan, by Pamela M. Mones
Reviewed by Michael E. Jones
July 95. Pgs. 40-43
50 Questions on the Natural Law: What It Is and Why We Need It, by Charles E. Rice
Reviewed by James G. Bruen, Jr.
June 94. Pgs. 44-46
From Cottage to Work Station: The Family's Search for Social Harmony in the Industrial Age, by Allan C. Carlson
Reviewed by Michael J. Mazza
June 94. Pgs. 46-48
George N. Shuster: On the Side of Truth, by Thomas E. Blantz
Reviewed by David Rooney
February 94. Pgs 40-45
Idyllis and Rambles - Lighter Christian Essays, by James V. Schall
Reviewed by James G. Bruen, Jr.
February 95. Pg. 48
John Hassler: Catholic Realist (a review of his seven novels)
Reviewed by Anthony Low
October 95. Pgs. 40-47
Life after God, by Douglas Coupland
Reviewed by Anthony G. Basile
July 95. Pgs. 45-48
Objectivism: The Philosophy of Any Rand, by Leonard Peikoff
Reviewed by John Attarian
October 94. Pgs. 47-48
O Holy Night: Masterworks of Christmas Poetry, by Johann M. Moser
Reviewed R.V. Young
November 94. Pgs. 48,8
Point of No Return, by Robert McClory
Reviewed by Burnie Bauer
November 95. Pgs. 42-47
Shakespeare: The Evidence by Ian Wilson
Reviewed by Peter Milward, S.J.
June 94. Pgs. 37-38
A Still Small, Voice, by Fr. Benedict Groeschel, CFR
Reviewed by Michael J. Mazza
January 94. Pgs. 39-42
Strange Justice, by Jane Mayer and Jill Abramson
Reviewed by Mark Fellows
February 95. Pgs. 44-47
The Case of Archbishop Marcel Lefebvre: Trial by Canon Law, by Charles P Nemeth, Esq.
Reviewed by Andrew Tardiff
March 95. Pgs. 45-47
The Catechism: Highlights and Commentary, by Rennan Hill and William Madges
Reviewed by Rev. Brian W. Harrison, O.S.
September 94. Pgs. 45-48
The Celestine Prophecy, by James Redfield
Reviewed by John J. Reilly
October 94. Pgs. 46-47
The Church and Culture: Challenge and Confrontation, by Paul Cardinal Poupard
Reviewed by Donald DeMarco
March 95. Pg. 48
The Human Body Shop, The Engineering and Marketing of Life, by Andrew Kimbrell
Reviewed by Suzzane M. Rini
June 94. Pgs. 39-44
John Cardinal Krol and the Cultural Revolution, by Dr. E. Michael Jones
Reviewed by Michael J. Mazza
May 95. Pgs. 39-41
Life Choice: The Theory of Just Abortion, by Lloyd Steffen
Reviewed by Marika Wilson Smith
May 95. Pgs. 42-44
Mere Creatures of the State?, by William Bently Ball
Reviewed by Michael J. Mazza
May 95. Pgs. 45-48
The Geography of Nowhere: The Rise and Decline of America's Man-Made Landscape, by James Howard Kunstler,
Reviewed by E. Michael Jones
September 95. Pgs. 38-40
The Mystery Hidden for Ages in God, by Paul M. Quay, S.J.
Reviewed by Rev. Joseph W. Kotrski, S.J.
October 95. Pgs. 38-39
The New Face of Property: Curing World Poverty, Edited by John H. Miller
Reviewed by Donald DeMarco
December 93. Pgs 47-48
The Occult Roots of Nazism; Secret Aryan Cults and Their Influence on Nazi Ideology, by Nicholas Goodrick-Clarke
Reviewed by William Main
December 94. Pgs. 45-48
The Prince of Wales, by Jonathan Dimbleby
Reviewed by John Beaumont & John Walsh
April 95. Pgs. 37-48
The Prize, by Loraine Murphy
Reviewed by Kathleen Wagner
July 94. Pg. 48
The Racialization of America, by Yehudi O. Webster
Reviewed by William Main
April 94. Pgs. 45-48
The Serpent on the Staff: The Unhealthy Politics of the AMA, by Howard Wolinski and Tom Brune, 
Reviewed by Eugene F. Diamond
September 94. Pgs. 42-45
The Snakebite Letters, by Peter Kreeft
Reviewed by Michael J. Mazza
May 94. Pg. 48
The Stripping of the Altars: Traditional Religion in England 1400-1580, by Eamon Duffy
Reviewed by James A. Sullivan
January 94. Pgs. 43-44
The Thunder of Justice, by Ted and Maureen Flynn
Reviewed by Michael J. Mazza,
December 93. Pgs 41-43
To Hell and Back, by Maurice S. Rawlings, M.D.
Reviewed by Sheryl Temaat
May 94. Pg. 47
To Hunt, To Shoot, To Entertain: Clericalism and the Catholic Laity by Russell Shaw
Reviewed by David Rooney
October 94. Pgs. 41-46
Utopia Against the Family: The Problems and Politics of the American Family, by Bryce J. Christensen 
Reviewed by Jerrilyn Szelle
December 93. Pgs. 44-46
Why be Catholic?, by William J. O'Malley, SJ
Reviewed by Jose Pedrozo
March 94. Pgs. 45-48
Why We Will Never Win the War on AIDS, by Bryan J. Ellison and Peter H. Duesberg
Reviewed by Krzysztof Rapcewicz
November 94. Pgs. 43-47
B.R. Index Volume 15 (March) 1996 
BOOK REVIEWS--------------------------------------------------------
A Catholic Perspective: Physical Exercise and Sports, by Robert Feeney
Reviewed by James G. Bruen, Jr.
Jan 96, Pgs. 41-44.
Evelyn Waugh: A Biography by Selina Hastings
Reviewed by R.V. Young
Mar 96, Pgs. 34, 46-47.
Fighting for Liberty and Virtue: Political and Cultural Wars in Eighteenth-Century America, by Marvin Olasky
Reviewed by John J. Reilly
Jan 96, Pgs. 27, 45-47.
Homosexuality: A Freedom Too Far by Charles W. Socarides
Reviewed by E. Michael Jones
Feb 96, Pgs. 39-43.
Homosexuality and the Politics of Truth by Jeffrey Satinover
Reviewed by E. Michael Jones
Mar 96, Pgs. 35-42.
Jackson's Dilemma by Iris Murdoch
Rev. Peter Millard, S.J.
Feb 96, Pgs. 46-47.
Sexuality and Catholicism, by Thomas C. Fox
Reviewed by E. Michael Jones
Dec 95, Pgs. 38, 41-47.
Sophie's World by Joseph Gaardner
Reviewed by Rev. Peter Millard, S.J.
Feb 96, Pgs. 44-45.
The Church and the Culture of War: Secular Anarchy or Sacred Order by Joyce Little
Reviewed by Ardella M. Crawford
Mar 96, Pgs. 34, 46-47.

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