Excerpts from reviews of Watching MTV: Neoethnic Songs and Dances ($15 + S&H), a CD by E. Michael Jones, Ph.D.

"The CD is a disarming mixture of humorously biting social commentary set to upbeat traditional fiddle music and short, fun instrumental fillers. ... Watching MTV will win the heart of everyone who listens to it. ... you get to peek into the Jones' parlour while they play and feel all the things you feel when regular folks get together and make music. You also get to peek into the witty, classically educated yet cynically lyrical mind of a Philadelphia-born, Irish-Catholic political and social dissident. ... The tunes are catchy and danceable. The sound quality is clean but warm and human -- not what one would call a digitally mixed and flawlessly mastered modern overproduction." Don Harkins, Idaho Observer.

"The title track makes the Dead Kennedys' (MTV) GET OFF THE AIR a mere love song to the moribund corporate shill. ... Not for the lame or the tame, it's almost punk rock." Angela Keaton, Liberated Space.

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